‘The Walking Dead’’ casts major comic villain Negan


The Walking Dead is about to get much darker. Dont worry I keep this news SPOILER FREE for those of you who haven’t read the comics.

Although is very important to remember that The Walking Dead the comic series and The Walking Dead the television show are two different creatures and while the latter borrows heavily from the former they are different.

Following an extensive casting search, AMC’s The Walking Dead has found its next major villain.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been tapped to take on the iconic role of Negan, the F-bomb-dropping, dastardly character from Robert Kirkman’s comic series.

According to sources the character will arrive in the season-six finale directed by Greg Nicotero.

Negan is the violent leader of a group known as the Saviors that uses force and intimidation to subjugate other communities — including Alexandria. Negan first appears in the landmark 100th issue when he crosses paths with Rick Grimes, who had been vocal about bringing down the man who takes half the community’s supplies in exchange for “protection” from walkers.

The character of Negan will shake the characters of The Walking Dead to their very core. Negan favors a weapon he calls Lucille, a wire-covered baseball bat that will crush anyone who gets in “her” way.

Overall, Negan is so brutal on the comics, that he makes The Governor look about as threatening as Eugene.

To really put it in perspective Batman has the Joker, Superman has Lex Luthor, Clarice Starling has Hannibal Lecter and now Rick Grimes – the embattled hero of TV’s The Walking Dead – has Negan.

He’s responsible for arguably the most horrifying major character death of the entire series, but I won’t describe that here. Suffice to say he’s someone to be feared, and his appearance will mean The Walking Dead is heading into its darkest era yet.

Rumors about if and when The Walking Dead would introduce Negan have been churning for several years now.

Last month, The Walking Dead issued a casting notice for the role of “Orin,” an imposing, charismatic, brutal, frightening, ferocious and hilarious sociopath in his 30s to mid-40s that is both a leader (and killer) of men.

When asked if “Orin” is actually “Negan,” showrunner Scott M. Gimple told me, “I can neither confirm nor deny,” before cheekily adding, “It’s not the worst guess in the world. It’s difficult to get around your logic here.”

Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan beat out a number of actors in contention for the role including Timothy Elephant, Matt Dillon, and Garrett Dillahunt. Casting the right person in this role is tantamount in bringing the character to life.

Morgan joins another new cast member: “Luck” star Tom Payne will play Paul Monroe — aka Jesus.

Morgan is a familiar face from film and television, appearing most recently as private investigator Jason Crouse on TV drama The Good Wife. Previous roles include the comic-to-movie adaptation Watchmen and recurring appearances on TV’s Grey’s AnatomySupernatural and Weeds.

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