Specter: Daniel Craig Tired of Bond – Not So Fast

"Daniel Craig (2012)" by Elen Nivrae
"Daniel Craig (2012)" by Elen Nivrae

Ever since Daniel Craig came on screen as the new James Bond, the question “Is he good enough?” has been raised quite a few times. It is true that many people believe that Daniel Craig’s version of James Bond totally fits him. Many still want the old charismatic, sometimes cocky and charming spy back. In previous interviews, Daniel Craig has stated many times that he has no interest in playing as the super spy anymore. Well, things have taken a very different turn as Daniel Craig will be playing James Bond in ‘Specter’.

According to a recent interview published by The People, Craig didn’t show or say anything that would make us believe that he is quitting the role of James Bond in the near future. Apparently, Craig is “enjoying this”.

Why would Craig Continue

James Bond is the ultimate spy! Quite possibly one of the most iconic figures in the movie industry today is James Bond. Not only are Bond movies produced and directed by the world’s best, James Bond for some men is the ideal man.

His way of speaking, his humor, his charm, his intellect, his sophistication and ability to attract women without problem are considered by many to be the ingredients of an attractive man. So why wouldn’t Craig reconsider his plan? There aren’t many actors in the world that can get the chance to represent such an attractive character.

Daniel Craig has gained tons of recognition ever since his first bond appearance. Now many that previously did not know about him know him. He has also gained quite a few perks and a reputation boost in the movie industry ever since then. Well he did say that he is “still enjoying it more than ever” which could also indicate that he probably wants more recognition before finally quitting to make sure that he gets further movies.

Playing the same role again

It is easy for an actor to play the same role over and over again! Although Craig is a terrific actor; adjusting to a new role does take time and effort. Some roles can be a really tough challenge even for experienced actors.

Craig is no such exception. He knows how to play Bond very well. With each movie, his adaptation has improved. He even mentioned in a few interviews that playing Bond was no easy task and filling the shoes of the iconic James Bond was a great responsibility. Needless to say, Craig as an actor knows that he put numerous hours into his Bond character. He can’t just forget about all his efforts and walk away without an extremely valid reason to do so.


Even if playing Bond over and over again might get boring for an actor, the pay checks will never get boring. Craig makes a lot of money every time he comes on screen as Bond. Even if he gets a small fraction of the movie’s entire production value, it is still enough to make him one of the highest paid actors in the movie industry today.

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