Shots Fired: Amazon’s New Advert Featuring Jeremy Clarkson


Let’s be honest, most of us only really thought our TV license was worth the astronomical price because of 3 grown men acting like overgrown, highly entertaining, children. Top Gear was a staple for a Sunday evening and families of all ages sat around the TV in anticipation as to what craziness the guys were going to get up to.

Then in March this year, the only thing taking our minds off of work on Monday was stripped away thanks to a cold meal. Jeremy was fired and Top Gear was no more.

Fast-forward to now, and there’s a Clarkson, Hammond and May shaped beacon in the distance thanks to those kind folk at Amazon.

So, when you’re Amazon and you have one of the most sought-after British TV presenters, what do you do?

Of course, you throw him into one of your adverts and take shots at his old employer.

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