Ronda Rousey Obliterated by Holly Holm at UFC 193

(AP Photo/Andy Brownbill)
(AP Photo/Andy Brownbill)

The invincible Ronda Rousey was finally put to a stop at UFC 193 when she failed to defend her Bantamweight Championship against elite boxer, Holly Holm. Many predicted that this would be a routine victory for the undefeated Rousey, who entered the bout with a record of 12 wins, no losses. Holly Holms proved that the world of MMA is a very unpredictable one when she TKO’ed the undefeated champion.

During the second round, a hard punch by Holm staggered Rousey. She followed the punch with a roundhouse kick to the head which sent Rousey to the floor. After a few hammer fists, the referee stopped the fight declaring Holm the winner by TKO.

Pre-fight Stare Down

During the pre-fight conference, Rousey had a very brief stare down with Holm. A few seconds later, she became aggressive and started trash talking. Although Holm was very calm during all of this, Rousey has never showed such aggression during a pre-fight conference before.

Standing toe-to-toe, Holm appeared larger and stronger than Rousey. She also appeared to be very calm about the fight, not showing any signs of intimidation.

In The Ring

Rousey is a Judo fighter and has won most of her fights by making her opponents tap out to her submission moves. However, Rousey did not go for a clinch early in the match up, or even show signs that she was looking for an opportunity to clinch. Instead, she tried to outbox the southpaw boxer. Holm landed some quick lefts and rights to keep Rousey away from her.

Being a southpaw, Holm successfully landed clean straight lefts to the head of Rousey causing her mouth to bleed. Holm landed most of the punches she threw. Rousey was unable to parry or block the punches. I believe this was due to Holm being a southpaw and it is very difficult for an orthodox fighter to see a left hand coming.

Although Rousey was throwing punches, almost none of them landed on Holm’s face. Holm never got into a toe-to-toe war with Rousey. She was moving from side to side constantly and Rousey spent most of her time just chasing her. Rousey was visibly tired by the end of round 1, and her face was badly busted.

Round 2 started almost the same as Round 1, with Rousey trying to outbox Holm. The fight ended when Holm caught Rousey with a punch combination that staggered her, followed by a roundhouse kick to the head and neck area of Rousey. Holm used hammer fists to knock Rousey unconscious and the referee ended the fight when he saw that Rousey was no longer able to defend herself.

Notable Moments

Rousey took Holm to the ground only once during the fight and failed to land an arm-bar successfully. Holm took Rousey to the ground once as well, but avoided any ground game with Rousey, getting up and leaving Rousey alone seconds after taking her down.

Fans were shocked to witness their invincible fighter be defeated like that. Most people will note that Rousey failed to utilize her Judo skills and solely relied on her striking ability. Of course, Rousey was no match in the striking department against the more experienced and elite, Holm.

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