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PlayStation Project Morpheus System

PlayStation reveals the VR Headset

VR Headset to start a revolution. Pixelated years of pent up frustrations have washed over us like world ending Tsunamis of “made you look” pranks. A whole industry devoted to tantalizing our dreams and giving us erotic frothy fantasies of what could be, but alas was not. We’ve grown old and weary waiting for the bark to become a tangible bite. From our 90’s adolescence to the twilight of our gaming years, where our entertainment Viagra comes in the form of  bombastic graphics and nostalgic trips to our youth.

The shareholders of the top gaming conglomerates have been slowly transforming into the constant tease. That proverbial leggy, blond cheerleader egging our collective geek-addled minds on prom night. Cheering us on, waiting to cash in our dough and soul for some nookie. Giving us runway coordinates, tarmac lights and an army of diligent AFF personal, all signaling towards her happy place; our nirvana. On the last minute, a snap, a swipe, a Nelson “ha, ha” chuckle and we’re left with the prospect of a cold bath and the internet’s darkest corners for spiritual consolation… Or worse (remember Nintendo’s Virtual Boy?), we end up looking down at the proffered virgin, puzzled, confused and flummoxed. We ask, with a defeated tone, “What’s that bulge?”

Virtual Reality seems to have transformed into the golden goose that never materialized or, in some cases, existed but was on birth control pills. Ever since engineers figured out that the calculator worked for something else besides crunching numbers, we’ve been told and sold that the peak of that discovery is virtual reality. A pipe dream that a whole industry just couldn’t figure out.

Well, luckily, we are standing on the rim of that sought-after invention. We are a step or two from plunging into our just rewards. It seems, that for the past two years, after so many failed attempts, the head honchos at the top have finally managed to get their s%@t together. Nowadays it is not a question of whether or not VR Headset becomes a certainty, but a realization that with so many options on hand we will be left to wonder, why pick real life over digital fantasies?

One of the tastiest treats of this new escapist narcotic is the soon to be released PlayStation Project Morpheus System, for you acronym yokels: PSVR.

And here’s a quick list of why this paradigm technological shift might end up shaking our relationships, broadening our lumpy behinds, making our time-card at work slip dangerously into the tardy zone, and all around whacking our lives into a tailspin… A roller-coaster, like all great roller coasters, that will have us topsy-turvy, in a fog of excitement, cleaning up the vomit on our shirt and getting back in line despite the mild cardiac arrest we’ve just gone through.

VR Headset

1. Immersion: With its incredibly advanced specs (120-hertz refresh rate, 2 OLED 960 x 1080 displays, a latency of below 18 milliseconds, a 360º head tracking and a 3D audio positioning engine) Morpheus manages to hijack your perception and kidnap your cerebellum into whatever mind numbing fairy world you’ve decided to skip town for. The house might be literally burning around you, but you’ll still find yourself happily dazed and docile in a la-la land that makes real-life dull and uninteresting. A first person perspective, so real and fascinating, that at times you’ll need motion sickness pills to muddle through. Travel to the distant Orient; ride an F1 car like a bat out of hell; race across the cosmos on your very own Millennium Falcon; seek out a change of underwear as you battle zombies and Lovecraftian creatures from Hell. Just imagine your favorite game told from a first person perspective, say “The Last Of Us” Or “Batman: Arkham Knight”.

2. The social form of VR Headset: Morpheus plans to shun away from the critics’ perception and flip the nonbelievers off, with its social group mentality. It is a machine that wishes to galvanize friendly synergy between flesh and bone gamers. It plans to widen its interaction possibilities with other players right out of the release gate. VR has an ingrained stigma of being a form of escapism, Morpheus believes that the root of VR is not to escape from reality but to experience a new form of entertainment.

3. Non-gaming possibilities: with modern improvements of visual and audio recording capabilities, Project Morpheus aptitudes are endless. It intends to be a quasi-open system, where you can upload your own projects and share them with the community. A clear example is its YouTube video recording capabilities; allowing someone to experience, first hand, what your encountering or viewing at any given time. Imagine the ultimate cinematic potential such a device opens up.

4. First VR Headset for consoles: Although Oculus Rift kick-started the battle in March this year, Project Morpheus is the “numero uno” to race into the bloody arena of the foreseeable console war. It’s even very likely that future consoles will be bundled with the heavenly accessory right out of the factory floor. Moreover, because developers know with which system they are tinkering with, they will be able to push the limits of their craft even further without having to scratch their heads in concern of the different console viabilities and environments. It breathes new life into the PS4 and, by its very presence, electrifies the competition into getting off their butts and joining the revolution.

5. Money: Project Morpheus, or at least Sony, knows that the big bucks lie in making you an addict… With that said, the syringe is basically free. Project Morpheus will have the sort of price tag you can obtain from standing a day outside of Macy’s with a tin cup. It’s not an add-on for the rich kids. The games, the real whamma-jamma, is a whole another story. You might find yourself doing back alley deals just to cringe away from the terror of Morpheus withdrawal.

6. Confidence is king: as the VR Headset becomes a multi-platform option developers will start to sink their teeth into that vein of banking revenue VR offers. Unlike Oculus and 3D T.V gaming, that dwindled and started to go ripe on the branch due to lack of interest from the main gaming creators, Morpheus has Sony backing its play. It’s a sign of strength and confidence for developers. So far, the stampede to submit games and create new diversions has been overwhelming. Competition in any industry – those death-match struggles on the playing field, those hostile assaults, carnage field hissy fits, not to mention the “Game Of Thrones” conniving and scheming – always pays off big dividends for the consumer. The gamers, the happy vultures, pick the graveyard clean after a bout of wholesome skullduggery. In the opposition’s need to cleave its nemesis’ head off at the check-out line, the fanatic and buyer slinks off in the night with the meaty booty.

7. Fuse: The power of the already massively cool Playstation 4 system is synched with Morpheus’ doohickies (how is that for my tech savvy jargon?) and grants this little accouterments the real possibility of finally fulfilling our VR dreams. Graphically it has no limit, it is held in check only by the boundaries of our imagination. For once, there is a definite, Earth shattering gamble that our hopes of riding a triceratops, while munching down on some Doritos on our Barcalounger, can magically come true. A new frontier for all genres; shooters, sport, fantasy, horror… And better still, the possibility of shaking up the status-quo and granting us with some new styles we can’t even fathom.

With the inevitability of PlayStation VR smacking me about in October, I’m heading off to the gym and packing in the work hours. I’ll be salvaging and hoarding them away, for that rainy day when I find myself fused to the sofa, a headset strapped around my brow, my girlfriend poking me with a ten-foot stick, noticing that I’ve barely moved for a week.

“Dang it! Get a bath… The neighbors complained of the smell and the cat’s already digested your left toe…”

“Will do honey… Just let me finish this level… I promise…”

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