New – Star Trek Beyond: Trailer


The new trailer has a lot of action but I can’t quite figure out the premise of the film.  It appears as if the U.S.S. Enterprise may blow up, and a few of our favorite characters get stuck on an alien planet, seemingly stranded. There is a fair amount of aliens and melees occurring in the trailer so it would appear that action is going to be plentiful.

I really liked how they put the franchise on a different course by playing with time-travel and adjusting the timeline and outcomes of events from the point of the previous film, moving forward.  It allows for the writers to deviate from the previous plot lines, hopefully just enough, to please some of the hardcore purists that would have been sure to nitpick the re-boot.

When it comes to this film, I have no clue the direction they intend to move the franchise. Unfortunately, after the trailer, I still have no clue.

Here is the trailer, let us know what you think.


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