Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle new details


With Kingsman: The Golden Circle set to kick off production this month, we now have new details of what to expect for the highly anticipated sequel.

The second installment finds Matthew Vaughn returning to direct while the story plans to go international, with Taron Egerton’s young spy Eggsy now being a full-fledged member of Kingsman. He is set to be flying off to America to rub elbows with Kingsman’s American counterparts, The Statesmen, run by Academy Award-winning actress Halle Berry in a new character called Ginger.

Statesmen headquarters is disguised as a whisky distillery and once there, Eggsy and Merlin will be tasked with defeating the villainous Poppy, played by another Academy Award-winning actress – Julianne Moore.

Pedro Pascal, who brilliantly played Oberyn Martell in Game of Thrones, has reportedly also joined Matthew Vaughn’s sequel, with Pascal’s character believed to be called Jack Daniels.

Edward Holcroft is also set to appear in the film, though whether he will reprise as his character from the first remains to be seen.

And a few days ago we also got the reveal of the new Kingsman 2 poster, a version of which the leading man, Taron Egerton, shared on Twitter.

The poster stops just short of promising that Colin Firth‘s Harry Hart will return, but the signs aren’t exactly subtle. Those are his signature tortoiseshell frames sitting on top of that very intriguing sentence: “Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”


In the first instalment, Harry seemingly met his end at the hands of Samuel L. Jackson‘s tech-tycoon Richmond Valentine, who was hell-bent on sending the world into a violent, deathly rage leaving behind a specifically selected elite.

It looked as though Harry was shot in the head by the main villain while trying to thwart Richmond’s plans, but this new teaser poster suggests that maybe his eyewear was actually a spy gadget that may have miraculously saved his life.

Of course right now, how Firth’s character will return is no clearer than it was last year, but thanks to Egerton’s tweet, we can be pretty certain that he’ll feature in Kingsman 2 somehow.

Back in September of last year, Mark Millar, who created the comic book upon which this franchise is based, said that Colin Firth character would return if it made sense. He had this to say.

“That’s the conversation everyone’s having right now, because part of what made that movie work is Colin. Colin’s fantastic, it was a two-hander, that film. You also want to have the integrity of the story, so if you are bringing him back, it has to make sense. That’s where it is at at the moment. Beats of the story have been done. [Screenplay co-writers] Matthew [Vaughn] and Jane [Goldman] are working on it at the moment. Some things have to be worked out, some decisions have still to be made and everything, so it’s all fairly amorphous, but all going well. It’s funny because there’s a lot of conversations like that, like should he have an evil brother, Colin with a mustache? Or is he a ghost or whatever? The guys have a plan. I can’t spoil it just now because the final decision is still to be made. It’ll be good.”

As to how the new action sequences are going to live up to the first installment, Director Vaughn recently told Empire that fans are eager for “another church sequence” like the one from original film Kingsman: The Secret Service, in which Harry went on a mass killing spree.

“I have no reason for another massacre to happen,” he said. “But I have other sequences you’ve never seen before.”

If that interview it were also revealed the first concept art images for the sequel, as you can see below:

concept art


Kingsman: The Golden Circle is scheduled for 2017.

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