Justice League movie begins shooting this April

justice-league concept art

Amazing news superhero fans. Warner Bros officially announced that Justice League: Part One will begin filming on April 11.

Previous attempts to bring these characters together on the big screen have fallen through, Mad Max: Fury Road director George Miller was once attached to the project in 2007, a year before Marvel ushered in a new era for universe-sprawling cinema with Iron Man.

But this time it’s actually happening.

The cast of the Justice League movie will of course include Superman/Clark Kent played by Henry Cavill, Batman/Bruce Wayne portrayed by Ben Affleck, Wonder Woman/Diana Prince played by Gal Gadot, Ezra Miller as the Flash /Barry Allen, Jason Momoa as Aquaman, and Ray Fisher as Cyborg.

There’s been no confirmation on whether Green Lantern will form part of the Justice League ahead of 2020’s Green Lantern Corps movie.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice should provide us with some hints of what pushes these heroes to join forces, with more details likely to spill once shooting for Justice League begins.

Directo Zack Snyder talked about the Justice League concept.

“The idea that we could begin to boot up a Justice League concept was a cool thing.” 

“It was a little bit of an ‘about time’ moment, and I don’t blame [the studio] for feeling that way, because it’s a long time coming,” he told EW. “But I do feel like it’s a little bit of a creative hurdle. It seems like an easy thing to do at first glance, the idea that, ‘Oh, we just get the rest of the superheroes in there.’ But you have to [establish] a world where they can exist.”

Snyder’s also celebrated the big news with a tweet (seen below) saying: “Deep in it with Jason on JL #Aquaman #JusticeLeague #Leavesden @PrideofGypsies”

All around them you can see various elements of the Justice League movie in progress. Batman’s cowl is there. Aquaman’s costume, along with some very interesting teases, is hidden in the background too.

The Justice League will shoot at Warner Bros. Leavesden studios in southeast England, as well as various locations around London and in Iceland.

The Iceland locations will likely be standing in for some sort of alien planet, likely mega villain Darkseid’s world.

DC’s film universe kicked off with 2013’s Man of Steel, leaving a three-year gap between films that led many to question if their plans would ever come to fruition, but now it is on full-steam ahead as we have the following movie plans:

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opens in just a few weeks on March 25.

In between, we’ll get Suicide Squad (August 5, 2016) and Wonder Woman (June 23, 2017).

And finally Justice League: Part One arrives November 17, 2017.

After Justice League Part One, the DC Universe will go back to individual movies. Before Part Two arrives we’ll get to see Aquaman spinning out into his own film, and we’ll also get a Shazam movie (with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson for a nemesis) that may or may not be linked to Justice League.

Then we’ll get Part Two (arriving in America on 14th June 2019), followed by a Cyborg film and a Green Lantern Corp film.

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