Guitar Hero is Back With A Bang

guitar hero

It’s been five years since we lifted our Guitar Controllers to rock and roll with Guitar Hero! Activision has finally decided to rejoin the online music game competition with Guitar Hero Live. With added features and a brand new controller, Guitar Hero Live promises to be a brand new game for both new and old fans of the franchise. Even if you are new to the franchise but love playing guitar, the video game might be worth buying.

Guitar Hero Live will be released this Tuesday with a price tag of $99.99 for the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, XBox 360 and Nintendo Wii U.

In 2008, Guitar Hero defined the music game category by bringing in nearly $2 billion annually. It is the first game to make it above $1 billion in revenue. No other game in this particular category has come even near Guitar Hero ever since. With Guitar Hero Live, Activision is looking to bring the category back to life. As the video gaming industry is growing, so are categories and genres. The music game category was almost dead by 2014, as other categories were quickly gaining popularity.

Live theme

Guitar Hero Live is totally different from previous titles. You will not be looking at any cartoony character when going through the main story of the game. FreeStyleGames actually hired and filmed real musicians as they performed in front of a live audience for this game.

Activision promises players that they will feel as if they were performing live in front of that crowd. The whole point of the game is to create a brand new experience for old players and an awesome first time experience for new ones. Like previous Guitar Hero games, you will for the most part be the lead guitarist of your band.

Crowd reaction

If you are playing the game well, the crowd will love you. If you are playing very poorly, the crowd will start booing you and throw bottles/beers at you.

This encourages players to improve their game so they can do well when they compete online against other players. Because Guitar Hero has plenty of hardcore players, new players might feel the online competition a bit too hard at first. Due to the crowd reaction system, they will quickly learn and give even veteran players a tidy challenge.

The Music

As with all Guitar Hero Games, Guitar Hero Live also comes loaded with a huge number of tracks. The 100+ soundtracks include songs from legends like Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and Queen. There will be plenty of downloadable songs to come after release as well.

When you connect to the online world of Guitar Hero Live, you will be able to compete against thousand off players online. There will be a score system, and your goal will be to get the highest score possible. If you try hard, you might even get to the top of the leader boards.

The new controller comes with 2 rows of three buttons. On easy difficulty, players will use only one row, while higher difficulties will require the use of both rows. Gone is the old 5 button controller.

Guitar Hero Live is a must buy for all Guitar lovers and players who happen to own a console! Not only is it good for practice, it is also extremely entertaining!

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