George R.R. Martin: ‘Game of Thrones’ and the Series End

Episode 6 scene 20
Episode 6 scene 20

In a candid discussion about his success, the internationally acclaimed best-selling author George R.R. Martin offered some inside to the popular Game of Thrones universe.

First of all George R.R. Martin is well aware that the HBO series has taken on a life of its own. Something he wasn’t expecting, however, is how quickly it would catch up to the books it’s based on.

“The show, of course, has caught up to me, which I didn’t actually think would ever happen,” he said during the talk this week at Northwestern University. “I had such a huge lead, but the truth is, I’m a very slow writer.”

Over the last couple of years, George R.R. Martin has been hard at work, writing the upcoming sixth book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series. We’ve seen chapters of Winds of Winter get released and heard plenty of rumors regarding release dates for the big book. But nothing official has been announced related to the release of Winds of Winter. Plus, a seventh novel in the series has also been planned.

While he didn’t release any revelations about how his series will end, he did hint at the idea of a happy ending.

“I think you need to have some hope…we all yearn for happy endings in a sense. Myself, I’m attracted to the bittersweet ending. People ask me how Game of Thrones is gonna end, and I’m not gonna tell them … but I always say to expect something bittersweet in the end,” he said. “You can’t just fulfill a quest and then pretend life is perfect.”

Martin also revealed the inspiration behind the famous ‘’Winter is coming’’ line that has been quoted all over the world by many fans of the books and the TV series.

 “The coldest winter was in Chicago. There was so much snow that winter, you couldn’t see, all snow, all ice, and it was so very cold,” he said. “I remember walking through the trenches and the tunnels of ice, the wind blowing so you couldn’t even see. It’s an experience that never left me.”

Speaking about the TV adaption of his A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Martin said that he would like to see Lady Stoneheart on screen, saying “It was a major storyline in the books.” He added: “Arianne Martell. Her character wasn’t included.”

As for the exact or specific release date of “Winds of Winter,” unfortunately, the famed author did not drop any hints or teasers as to when fans can expect the book to be available. However, it has been largely reported that  the new book has a high chance of being released three or so months before “Game of Thrones” season 6 hit the small screen.

Game of Thrones is gearing up for season 6 on HBO, while Martin’s sixth book, The Winds of Winter, doesn’t have a release date.

Overall Martin’s books have sold more than 60 million copies worldwide and have been translated into at least 45 languages. The fourth and fifth volumes reached the top of The New York Times Best Seller lists upon their releases.

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