Game of Thrones season 6 teaser poster


HBO has released the first promo poster for the highly anticipated season 6 of the hit TV show Game of Thrones.

The poster was accompanied by the words “April HBO“ and in the image we see Jon Snow still wearing the black of the Night’s Watch, which is a huge tease about the life status of the popular character.

It also reveals that the show is set to return in April 2016.

This is a relief because there were rumors that maybe the premiere would be pushed back in 2016, thanks to HBO’s new show schedule that includes the new Martin Scorsese series Vinyl.

With just this image, the teaser set social media abuzz, starting the long countdown until the show returns to the television screen.

The poster continues just where we left on the finale of Season 5, (Warning: Spoiler Alert) after some of the fans of the show were heartbroken when they saw how Snow got stabbed and was left in the cold to die by the Night Watch members.

And while the poster stops short of actually confirming Jon Snow, actor Kit Harington’s, return to the show, it does suggest that his character will have a major part to play in the new season.

Overall there’s been much debate about Snow’s fate, Kit Harington declared that the character was dead and would not be returning for season six. Co-star Maisie Williams who plays her sister Arya Stark promised that Jon Snow is dead.

Even HBO President Michael Lombardo declared about the season 5 finale: “Dead is dead is dead is dead. He be dead.”

So far little slips from fellow cast members in interviews have also fueled the fire, but it seems that HBO and the show’s creators have enjoyed toying with fans, always avoiding the question and keeping Harington out of fan-events.

Many fans are even comparing Harington’s character’s situation to that of “The Walking Dead’sGlenn portrayed by Steven Yeun, who many thought was brutally killed by zombies in the sixth season’s third episode, “Thank You.”

Even the official account for the Walking Dead comics take the time to weigh in on Game of Thrones’ new key art and the obvious comparisons of the Glenn and Jon Snow situations.

“And you guys thought WE were torturing our fans…” the tweet reads, accompanied by a retweet of Game of Thrones’ new poster.

Besides the fate of Jon Snow, the most interesting fact of the next season of GOT is that the TV show has reach the end of the books so far published in the series, with Season 5 being all about the second-half of George R.R. Martin‘s fifth book “A Dance With Dragons.

George R.R. Martin has left fans eagerly awaiting the publication of the sixth book in the series  ”The Winds of Winter – for more than four years, giving more than enough time for the show to catch up with the books.

Martin has said that it is his goal to finish the book before the premiere of Season 6, only giving him until April but so far there is no news about a release date for the book.

Season 6 is just about done filming its 10 episodes, and hopefully we’ll get to see the first footage from the new season fairly soon.

Tune into HBO when “Game of Thrones” returns in April 2016 to find out.

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