Deadpool: Trailer


(Bet you clicked that play button 30 times…but now that I have laughed at you, the real trailer is below)

Okay, so if we include the comic book movies that are out now plus the ones that are coming out within the next year, I think the total count is at about 79. On the bright side, it seems like the movie studios are going to be on a good streak with their next few titles. Batman V. Superman might be the most anticipated but Deadpool looks like it might be the sleeper hit when it hits theaters in 2016.  For those of you that don’t know Deadpool, he’s the guy in X-Men Origins: Wolverine who is first a superhero like mercenary named Wade Wilson and is then turned into a no-mouth mutant with the powers of all the X-Men combined and tries to kill Wolverine.

You’re going to see something very different with this film.

A little history on Deadpool, he’s one of the few characters ever that breaks the “fourth wall” meaning he is aware that he is a fictional comic book character. Despite being extremely dangerous he’s a genuinely funny character which is why I think the casting director did a great job by giving Ryan Reynolds the title role. If you’ve ever seen a Ryan Reynolds movie or even an interview for that matter you know he has that snarky, playful, unrelenting sense of humor which is perfect to play Deadpool. Expect a lot more funny than you normally get from comic book movies with this one. I don’t want to ruin the trailer but you can also expect more of a story that tugs at the heart strings. Deadpool is definitely the most promising comic book flick coming out.

I’m looking forward to seeing this.

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