Captain America Civil War Trailer


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Yesterday, on Jimmy Kimmel Live, I busted a nut… Can I say that? Well, I did, and I’m man enough to own up to the fact that I had a nerdgasm. Once, every day, for the last four months, I’ve been trolling the net. Scuba diving in that infinite abyss we call IMDB forums; spelunking through sharp peaks of Youtube garbage; sorting out fact from fiction, in fan-made trailers… All my efforts have been for naught.

Steve Rogers, my favorite Avenger, has been playing with my emotions… The Bastard! He showed up at Comic Con and what do we get? Cellphone footage captured by some pumpkin with Parkinson! Well, the wait is over, after much speculation, after imaginary calculations, after suffering every credit-roll after Agents Of Shield, the Cap’ finally makes his grand debut.

And what a bombastic fare it is.

Next May, Avengers 2.5 hits the silver screen. Let’s be honest, it’s not Captain America 3; it’s Avengers lite, or how I like to call it, Marvel’s bitch-slap towards DC’s Superman V. Batman (Really, really? Lex Luthor with dreadlocks!!!).

Well, here’s the first look at Captain America Civil War. Staring, Cap’; Falcon; Bucky; Widow; Iron-Man; War Machine; Hawkeye; Ant-Man; Scarlet Witch; Vision; that general from the defunct Hulk movie… And, the anticipated return of Loki (only he’ll be deleted at the end, and you’ll never get a hand on his scene).


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