Blues vs Jazz: Select Which Is Right For You


Music is and always will be a sort of medicine for some people. Music can add flavor to your day, even if you do not like spending time listening to it. In the world today, we have a huge number of genres and a huge variety of singers. Pop songs are good for a temporary mood elevation dose, rock music is good if you are low on energy and want a boost, and hip-hop music is good when you want to dance or exercise. But what about the old classics that we still hear today? Our classic singers were mostly blues and jazz singers. Many still consider Jazz and Blues to be the real music for men.

Most 5 star hotels, casinos and restaurants play jazz and blues. The music can be played for hours and does not become irritating, which is why they keep it going. Most people spend their time drinking and smoking in jazz clubs or blues clubs because the atmosphere is fantastic. If you are feeling low and want to socialize, you should look for the nearest jazz or blues club. Just take your cigar along with you and drink away a bottle of scotch with it.

Before you search, you may want to know the main differences between the two genres and what can you expect when you visit a club. Although the genres sound similar, they are miles apart when you look at them in depth.


You can go to either one of the clubs if you are only looking for a place to smoke your cigar and drink some liquor. You can even have dinner at the clubs or attend a concert. Most clubs will have a menu that will compliment the type of music that they are playing.

Either club is great if you want to watch a live sports event among sports fans. Don’t expect a lot of noise at these clubs though as most people are over 40. Remember to wear your best suit and grab a good Cuban cigar before you go there.

The music

Although the music may sound similar, the genres are pretty different if you break the tunes down. Blues music revolves around the vocalist and lyrics, whereas jazz revolves around the musicians and the complexity of the tunes progression.

In jazz clubs, you will most probably hear a lot of music and little to no lyrics. The music really has no rhythm and can be difficult for a person who isn’t a musician to appreciate it. If you haven’t listened to jazz music in the past, then you might feel bored at a jazz club, unless you enjoy slow music and just want a sweet melody ringing in your ear.

Blues music has a lot of rhythm and is filled with lyrics. You will most probably not hear any instrumentals being played at blues clubs. The music is not loud and the vocals are very soft. This makes blues very easy on the ears and good for mood elevation.

Listen to some old classics before you head on to one of these clubs to get a better understanding of what you might expect when you are there. In the end, it is all down to personal preference.

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