Things Most Men Forget To Do In Bed


Guys, listen up! Even though you might think you’re pleasing a woman in bed, chances are, you’re not exactly lighting her fire. Yeah, we get you’re trying your best, but sometimes you totally fail, which results in fake oohs and ahhs as you bask in your own self-satisfaction, thinking you got the job done. To make sure that you nailed your performance each and every time, here’s a list of things that most men forget to do in bed with a woman. Not to say that every woman wants each thing done to her each time you’re hitting the sheets -because she might not. But as long as you’re conscious of what she likes in bed and try to tackle some of the tips on the list, her moans will definitely multiply!

  1. Foreplay

We get it, you’re excited and want to go straight for the main course, but we need to be warmed up a bit first. It takes us a while to get our juices flowing and foreplay is just what you need to get the engine started. In no time, we’ll be just as ready as you and want to go at it like jack rabbits! Foreplay can be a number of things – from sensual massages to grinding, oral and lots of touching. Heck, even a hot and steamy make out session can do the trick! Try to find out what your girl likes for foreplay and incorporate it into your bedroom routine!

  1. Lube

Sure, we can get wet ourselves, but often times we need a bit more help to really make it a marathon session. That’s where lubricant comes in handy. A water-based lube will help speed up the process and get us in the mood that much faster. Not to say we’ll need it every time, but it’s good to have on deck for situations when a bit more help is needed.

  1. Talking Dirty

Every once in a while throw in some dirty talk into a session if you want to make her really aroused. Let her know what you’re going to do to her and how you’re going to make her come and she’ll climax before you know it! Just make sure that you don’t overdo it on the dirty talking because we don’t want to have a conversation while having sex.

  1. Change It Up

One night we’ll want it hard and the next soft. We like it when guys change it up in bed because the same moves can get really boring and that means fake “Os.” Before the big deed, try to get a feel for what type of mood we’re in so that you can either screw us hard and rough or go gentle. Either way, we like it when you keep things fresh.

  1. Toys

We love your man parts, we really do, but sometimes we enjoy some extra toys in the mix for some added fun! Everything from eggs, vibrators and more will definitely do the trick! Anything that has batteries can really enhance our orgasm and get us there that much faster. But just because we need a bit of reinforcement doesn’t mean that you’re not enough. It’s just that we like to change it up and this is a good way to do it!

So there you have it, gents! A few tips on how to really please us, and have us screaming your name each and every session.

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