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Living in a world that’s focused on sex appeal can make it difficult to distinguish what you should be looking for in a potential life partner. I don’t mean to get all sappy or cliché on you, but just think about it for a minute.

You’re probably going after the girls that are ridiculously attractive and the kind that everybody else finds attractive, too. While you may end up actually having feelings for this person and thinking they’re awesome, chances are you’ll end up getting to know them and actually finding them less attractive over time because your personalities don’t click.

Don’t get me wrong, physical attraction is a huge factor when determining the type of person you want to date, but it’s actually a lot less important that you think.

The type of girl you should be going after isn’t going to be the girl who’s dressed to the nines at the most bumping bar surrounded by 10 other men looking for their chance to shoot her their best (lamest) pickup line.

Sure, she is probably the girl that’s going to be really fun – but only for one night. The type of girl you REALLY should be going after is going to be a lot more complex than just a pretty face in a tight dress. The type of girl you REALLY should be going after is going to have some of these qualities.

#1 She’ll Be Attractive – To You

I say “to you” because different men find different characteristics of a girl to be attractive. Some may hate short hair, others love it. The point is that yes, physical attraction is a really important part when it comes to figuring out the type of girl you should be going after.

However, you should go after girls that are attractive to you but maybe not to other people. It means they have something a little unique and special about them that maybe only you find cute or sexy.

#2 You Will Have Shared Interests

What is with all of you (okay, just a majority of you guys) going after the girls who are hot but have absolutely nothing in common with you? What do you talk about?

Oh. That’s right. You don’t usually spend your time together talking…

This is huge. How can you expect to grow a relationship with someone who literally has nothing in common with you? You have to go after the girl that loves the same indie rock band as you. You have to go after the girl that has seen all of your favorite movies.

Not only does it encourage great conversation, but she can also add things to your life that you will more than likely find interesting.

#3 She Will Have Her Own Life

This is one of the most important aspects when finding a girl to go after. You don’t want the girl that’s going to free up all her time because she wants to make sure she’s open for you when you ask to go out. This is a red flag and you should run away. Fast.

The type of girl you should be going after is going to have her own life with her own hobbies. She should be busy! It’s actually a great sign when she’s too busy to even go on a date for the first couple of times you ask.

#4 You Will Have a Healthy Amount of Differences

The person of your dreams is not going to be exactly like you. Honestly, you would hate that person. Just picture being with someone who is so much like you all the time. You would get bored, annoyed, and lose interest really fast.

Going after the girl who you have things in common with, but also a lot of differences with is the best idea. She can introduce you to new things but if you don’t like them that gives her the opportunity to have her own life apart from you – something that is needed for a healthy relationship.

#5 She’ll Surprise You

The kind of girl you REALLY should be going after is the kind of girl that keeps you guessing; the kind of girl that surprises you daily. If you find yourself saying, “Wow! Really?” more often than usual when getting to know someone, you should think about making that girl yours.

Because of some science-based stuff, having someone who surprises you a lot actually triggers an adrenaline rush and other chemicals in your brain that actually act as an addictive element. It makes you want to be around them more and more and will keep you happy!

#6 She Won’t be too High Maintenance – For You

Can you seriously imagine dating someone who takes way, way too long for your liking to get ready just to go to a movie – where you sit in the dark? Now, this can vary from guy to guy which is why I mentioned that she won’t be too high maintenance for you.

If you’re cool with a gal who takes forever getting ready, puts on fake lashes, and does her makeup fully before stepping out of the house, then that’s great! But if you’re the type of guy who appreciates the hard work but can’t stand the wait for it to happen – she might not be for you. You won’t be able to handle a long-term relationship with that.

If this describes any special women in your life, then maybe you should be heeding my advice and go after her before someone else does!

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