The 25 Hottest Pics of Laci Kay Somers

Super sexy, singer, actress, and model Laci Kay Somers is on a serious mission. The girl is practically taking over the internet with millions of followers on Instagram, a newly formed YouTube Channel, and a hyper interactive Snapchat style. It’s no wonder her fan base is in the upper seven figures and growing by the hour. On her Snapchat, you can find her singing (she can sing her ass off by the way), dancing, cooking, playing video games, or talking to her fans which she does on a daily basis. If her goal is what I think it is, and that’s basically to become the young, hot internet version of Martha Stewart, then she’s well on her way. As you can guess, or if you follow her as you’ve probably seen, Laci spends a lot of time on camera. We at The Guy Society decided to issue ourselves a challenge, to find the 25 hottest pics of Laci Kay Somers that we could possibly find. It was a tough job but somebody’s gotta do it. Take a look at this gallery and bask in the beauty that is Laci Kay.

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Snapchat: Lacikaysomers

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