Interview: Mia Gray

Mia Gray

There’s something about Filipina women, an exotic beauty that can’t even be put into words. They’re sultry and sexy and always seem to have an irresistible seductive look in their eyes. All of those qualities describe Mia Gray to a tee. This exotic and petite woman has beauty in spades and a bubbly personality that complements it perfectly. A model for almost three years now, Mia is quickly approaching veteran status and with her skills in front of the camera it’s really no surprise. The Guy Society caught up with the Filipina hottie to discuss how she got into modeling, her favorite TV shows and her idea of the perfect first date.

The Guy Society: Hey Mia, welcome to The Guy Society. We’re happy to have you, how’s everything going?

Mia Gray: Everything is great, thanks!

The Guy Society: You’re obviously a very beautiful woman with an exotic look, what’s your nationality?

Mia Gray: I was born and raised in the Philippines, one hundred percent Filipina.

The Guy Society: That’s very cool. At what point did you get into modeling and how did it happen?

Mia Gray: I actually only started in December of 2014, several people had told me that I should look into it. I’ve always been a fan of the energy in the industry so I decided I should give it a try.

The Guy Society: There are so many models today, what do you think makes you stand out? What makes you different from the rest.

Mia Gray: Well I am different than the rest because I love helping other models succeed more than anything. I actually host workshops in Chicago with my partner Sultan Ghahtani to bring all the talents in the industry to be able to work together, from models to photographers, to hair and make-up teams and also designers.

The Guy Society: As you know, we’re a magazine for guys and there are a few things our readers have to know so let’s start here, what qualities would you say you look for in a man? Describe your perfect guy.

Mia Gray: So my perfect guy would have to be sexy, and when I say sexy I mean that mostly through a man’s knowledge. Nothing attracts me more than an intelligent men who knows exactly what he wants and has his five or ten year plan written down. Fitness is a big part of my lifestyle so for us to get along he would need to be driven when it comes to that. It doesn’t hurt either if he knows how to cook.

The Guy Society: If a guy is lucky enough to get a date with you, where should he take you?

Mia Gray: The Gym? (Laughs) Okay, let’s be serious. I love food and red wine, though I can only have one cheat day a week so a guy should definitely take me to a restaurant where we can have a nice dinner. It should also be cozy enough we get to know each other. A movie is definitely not the way to go for me when it comes to a first date. Don’t get me wrong I love, love, love movies but I save movie dates for someone who I am involved with already so that comes after.

The Guy Society: Give us some advice, how should a man approach a woman he’s interested in?

Mia Gray: I say be respectful and compliment her but don’t overdo it. Say, “I love your eyes.” Justdon’t give me a reason why. You should definitely make sure that you cleaned up well, nothing is worse than giving the wrong impression of yourself on the first meeting.

The Guy Society: You do a lot of different things, sing, model, act, hair, make-up, what would you say is your true passion?

Mia Gray: If you asked me this 5 years ago I would have said acting but I have major passion when it comes to modeling now. Nothing feels better than being in front of the camera with flashes going off. I get so into it, it’s amazing. And I can also act at the same time for different themes of the shoot, showing different emotions and such.

The Guy Society: Ultimately, what are your goals? Where do you see yourself in the future?

Mia Gray: To have a modeling and talent agency, to be able to help others by sharing my experiences and knowledge, and to scout for all types of talents.

The Guy Society: In your eyes, what makes a man successful?

Mia Gray: A man who knows himself, and who is decisive. One who would do what it takes as long as it’s ethical to reach his goals. A man who would never let their woman go through something difficult if they could help. Finally, one who appreciates his parents. You can tell what kind of a person a man is simply from that.  Loyalty is the key to being a successful man.

The Guy Society: Random questions: Sneakers or sexy high heels? Favorite food? Pajamas, lingerie, or nothing at all? TV show you’re obsessed with right now? In the bedroom, shy or adventurous? Last book you read?

Mia Gray: I love both, but if I must pick then high heels! (Laughs)


Definitely nothing at all, it saves me from doing laundry all the time.

American Horror Story.


50 Shades of Grey but I didn’t finish it. I got bored with it.

The Guy Society: Okay Mia, time to wrap things up here, can you tell our readers where they can follow you?

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