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If Tatiana Eriksen seems extremely comfortable in front of the camera, it’s probably because she had her first brush with modeling before she was old enough to go to a school dance. After many years in the industry, with her incredible work ethic and obviously amazing looks, Tatiania is a force to be reckoned with in terms of modeling. If she stays on the grind, there’s no telling how far she could go in her career. The Guy Society caught up with the sexy Tatiana Eriksen to discuss today’s men, how she got into modeling, and what she wears to bed.

The Guy Society: Hey Tatiania, welcome to The Guy Society. How’s everything going?

Tatiania Eriksen: I’m doing great, thanks for having me.

The Guy Society: Okay let’s get started. You have a very exotic look about you. What’s your nationality?

Tatiania Eriksen: I am Colombian, German, and Cherokee Indian.

The Guy Society: That’s a hot mix. Now tell me, at what point did you get into modeling and how did it happen?

Tatiania Eriksen: When I was about 11 I remember my dad taking me into my first agency for Polaroid but it was not until I was 17 when my parents entered me in a model search, I believe, which was called Pro Scout America. Pro Scout opened the door and I was able to sign with BMG Models from there.

The Guy Society: You have very striking features, your lips, your eyes, what would you say is your best physical feature?

Tatiania Eriksen: I would definitely say my eyes are my best feature, but in layman’s terms I guess I could kind of describe myself as an “alien”.

The Guy Society: Since I have you here I want to take the opportunity to get into your dating life as much as possible. What are the qualities you look for in a man? Describe your perfect guy.

Tatiania Eriksen: He has to be a complete gentleman, ambitious, nerdy, someone that can make me laugh, keep up with my personality, and willing to take the risks.

The Guy Society: How should a guy approach you if he’s interested in getting to know you?

Tatiania Eriksen: He needs to be aggressive and committed. I need a man with complete confidence.

The Guy Society: What are the men in today’s society lacking?

Tatiania Eriksen: Passion, what are they not lacking? Just kidding. (Laughs)

The Guy Society: You’re in awesome shape so I’m assuming you work out a lot. What does your fitness routine consist of?

Tatiania Eriksen: I actually do cross fit training three times a week for an hour. I like to stay consistently moving.

The Guy Society: If you weren’t modeling and you could do anything in the world, what would you be doing?

Tatiania Eriksen: If I was not modeling I would be a fashion designer, maybe have gone into fashion merchandising but hey it’s never too late!

The Guy Society: Up to this point, what would you say has been the greatest moment in your career?

Tatiania Eriksen: Being able to work with cancer organizations through modeling charities or events.

It lets me give back since my father is a cancer to survivor and it affected my life in so many ways because the battle is never really ever over.

The Guy Society: What would you say are your ultimate goals in both your career and in life?

Tatiania Eriksen: My ultimate goal would to be an actress, which I definitely see in the future. That’s exactly where I see myself in the future, I am so excited about what’s to come. Where do you see yourself in the future?

The Guy Society: As king of the universe. Okay, time for some random questions: Long road trips. Perfect opportunities for road sex or not?

Tatiania Eriksen: Well it really depends on who you’re with and if you’re single or not but I say why not? It’s healthy.

The Guy Society: Favorite food?

Tatiania Eriksen: Sushi, mini wheats, and pizza.

The Guy Society: Dirty talk in the bedroom: Hell yes or absolutely not?

Tatiania Eriksen: Hell to the yes.

The Guy Society: TV show you’re obsessed with right now?

Tatiania Eriksen: The Affair.

The Guy Society: Last book you read?

Tatiania Eriksen: A book I recently read is “Connecting: Beyond the Nametag”. It was very motivational and it teaches you the keys to success.

The Guy Society: Lingerie, pajamas, or nothing at all?

Tatiania Eriksen: Well it all depends, I normally tend to wear a tan top and boy shorts.

The Guy Society: Fancy night on the town or Netflix and chill?

Tatiania Eriksen: Well let’s just say it all depends on the mood. I’m down for both but most likely I’m your Netflix girl!

The Guy Society: Sneakers or sexy high heels?

Tatiania Eriksen: Both, it all depends on the occasion but I totally love to switch it up.

The Guy Society: Okay Tatiania, time to wrap things up here, can you tell our readers where they can follow you?

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Photo Credit: Luis Munoz, Anthony Brown, Chris Rifkin, Mike Prado

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