Interview: Sabrina Corrine

Sabrina Corrine

There’s no denying that Sabrina Corrine is beyond sexy. Between the smooth tan skin, the tattoos, the tight body, and the beautiful smile, the woman is a vision. But she’s far from just a pretty face. While modeling, she’s also pursuing her education and raising a family. In addition to that, she’s a fun girl who’s always down for a good time and always has a smile on her face. The Guy Society caught up with the sexy Sabrina Corrine to discuss how she got her start in modeling, what she looks for in a guy, and why she’s a bad ass chick.

The Guy Society: Hey Sabrina, welcome to The Guy Society. How’s everything going?

Sabrina Corrine: I am doing great, thanks.

The Guy Society: Okay, so we want to get a sense of who you are so can you tell us what you were doing before you became a model?

Sabrina Corrine: Okay, so modeling was never really in my plans, it just kind of happened. But before I started modeling I was actually active duty in the air force, a college student and a mom. I will graduate in the spring with a B.S in Political science and start law school Fall 2017.

The Guy Society: You have a very exotic look, just stunning. What’s your nationality?

Sabrina Corrine: Well I consider myself Jewish, yes, it’s also a culture. My family immigrated from Minsk, which is present day Belarus.

The Guy Society: How did you get into modeling? Was it something you always wanted to do or did you kind of fall into it?

Sabrina Corrine: I didn’t really mean to. I was working in the club scene on the weekends to supplement my income and started to get messages from people who liked my look asking if I would do promo work and shoots, and I tried it out and loved it.

The Guy Society: What would you say has been your greatest experience thus far as a model?

Sabrina Corrine: That’s hard but so far I have really enjoyed just going out and having people recognize me, it’s so flattering. My favorite job so far has been shooting a commercial for Caviar Gold, it’s about to air in Seattle on MTV and VH1.

The Guy Society: What makes you a bad ass chick?

Sabrina Corrine: I am more than just a pretty face. A bad ass chick has the looks but more importantly has the personality and the brains.  I have turned my look into a brand while obtaining a degree and raising a family alone. That’s pretty bad ass.

The Guy Society: Your body is absolutely phenomenal. Is it good genetics or do you live in the gym?

Sabrina Corrine: I do workout occasionally but I would have to credit my body mostly to genetics. I eat like a fat kid and never do cardio. Thanks mom and dad. (Laughs)

The Guy Society: What are the qualities you look for in a man? Describe your perfect guy.

Sabrina Corrine: He has a confident bad boy exterior and is an alpha in public but romantic in private. He would be incredible in bed, like the ultimate lover with an amazing body. He will have a good job and a good credit score and be loyal and honest. Ok, he’s a unicorn and this is why I’m single.

The Guy Society: What can a guy who’s interested in you do to impress you?

Sabrina Corrine: I require a guy to go a little above and beyond to show his interest. The more effort he makes the better. I want to know I am a priority and he really wants to impress me. So while most guys would send flowers, I expect the whole garden.

The Guy Society: Your looks are kind of your business. What would you say is your best physical feature and what feature do you most get complimented on?

Sabrina Corrine: I get complimented on my eyes probably more than any other part. I even get asked constantly if I am wearing contacts. My favorite part on myself though is my legs.

The Guy Society: What would you say are your ultimate goals? Where do you see yourself in the future in terms of your career and your life in general?

Sabrina Corrine: My main goal is to finish law school and get a job in a private practice as a criminal defense attorney. Hopefully I meet the man of my dreams, who may or may not exist and we live happily ever after. (Laughs)

The Guy Society: Random Questions: Sneakers or sexy high heels? TV show you’re currently obsessed with? Favorite vacation spot? Pajamas, lingerie, or nothing at all? Last book you read? Netflix and chill or fancy night on the town? Dirty talk in the bedroom: Hell yes or absolutely not?

Sabrina Corrine: I have a bit of a high heel fetish, so heels all the way.

I am currently obsessed with “The Blind Spot”, such a good show.

My favorite vacation spot is South Beach, Miami. It’s the perfect spot for lounging on the beach and going out at night.

I have to sleep in pajamas, lingerie is fun for sexy time but it’s so uncomfortable for sleep.

I am currently reading “The Mistress Manual”, it’s a book for good girls who want to be more dominant with men.

If we are just beginning to date, then I expect to be taken out for fancy dinners but if we are in the comfortable point of our relationship then I enjoy chill nights at home in sweats.

Oh gosh, dirty talk. Um I have to be in the mood and he has to be good at dirty talking because that can go from sexy to awkward really quick.

The Guy Society: Okay Sabrina, time to wrap things up here, can you tell our readers where they can follow you?

Sabrina Corrine: Yes, first of all thanks for having me Jon.

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Photo Credit: Bill Richards, @devindphoto, @okiestudios

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