Interview: Ashley Hobbs

Ashley Hobbs

Have you ever seen a girl who had that earthy, blonde beach bunny vibe about her? She just oozes chill vibes and seems like a blast to hang out with in addition to being smokin’ hot. I just described Ashley Hobbs. This Hawaii hottie and Playboy Bunny has been modeling for quite some time and killing it along the way with her natural beauty. She goes with the flow and is down to earth. Combine that with the aforementioned beauty and you have yourself a winner. The Guy Society caught up with the sexy Ashley Hobbs to discuss living in Hawaii, her low maintenance lifestyle and Playboy magazine.

The Guy Society: Hey Ashley, welcome to The Guy Society. How’s everything going?

Ashley Hobbs: Thank you for having me. Everything is all sunshine, beaches, and small bikinis down here in paradise, Hawaii.

The Guy Society: That does sound amazing. Give us some background information, when and how did you get into modeling?

Ashley Hobbs: I am originally from Hawaii, where my mom kind of forced me to audition for a modeling agency here at the age of 13 years old. I fell in love with being in front of the camera quickly so I have been modeling ever since.

The Guy Society: I know you spend a lot of time in Honolulu, what’s it like living in Hawaii? I’m assuming it must be pretty incredible.

Ashley Hobbs: Living in Hawaii is pretty great. I get to call paradise my reality.

Where you vacation, I live. Enjoying the most beautiful beaches, fresh fruit outside my backdoor and a great cultural history here is really something to appreciate.

The Guy Society: One thing I have to ask you about is your legs. They’re unbelievable. Do you run a lot or is it just good genetics?

Ashley Hobbs: Thank you. My legs are usually a conversation started, just kidding. (Laughs) I work out as much as possible but my aunt has legs like mine as well as my oldest sister. But I try to keep them looking that good with staying active and fit.

The Guy Society: This is an important question for us at The Guy Society. What qualities do you look for in a man? Describe your perfect guy.

Ashley Hobbs: Perfect Guy? I wouldn’t say he exists, no offense men. But I prefer a man whose personality is ambitious, humble, who can hold a conversation with me and make me laugh. Physically fit, dresses well, and tattoos are a little weakness, but tasteful ones.

The Guy Society: Give our readers some advice, where should a guy take a girl he’s really into for a first date?

Ashley Hobbs: Always take a girl where you can have a conversation with her and get to know her.

Try to do something romantic too; all women are saps for those gestures, not sexual, romantic.

A walk on the beach is a great start.

The Guy Society: You actually posed in Playboy which is a pretty big deal, what was that experience like for you?

Ashley Hobbs: Playboy is an amazing company that opens doors for aspiring women. I had and have a blast with my Playboy family traveling the world, meeting a wide variety of people that ended up becoming great friends. It is a blessing I was blessed with and cannot ever forget it even if I wanted to. It will be endless stories I will have for my grandkids.

The Guy Society: You have the greatest smile and the most amazing eyes. Do you get complimented on those features a lot?

Ashley Hobbs: My eyes are the one compliment that I cannot stop smiling about. It never gets old. It is nice to know that men are not looking at my boobs.

The Guy Society: Do you consider yourself to be high maintenance or low maintenance?

Ashley Hobbs: I would say I am medium maintenance.

I am a glamper which is a high end camper.

But living in Hawaii you tend to be a little more low maintenance and just go with the flow. There’s no constant need for make-up and your best outfit out here is a bikini and the smaller the better. So being a model that has lived in LA I feel I am both high and low maintenance so medium maintenance fits me best.

The Guy Society: Help us out here because we’ve gotten conflicting answers, how should a guy approach a girl in the street in a way that he would actually have a shot at getting her number?

Ashley Hobbs: That is where you all go wrong. Men should just want to enjoy the company of a female whether it is a minute or a lifetime. Don’t look to shoot for a goal like getting her number. Just be interested in her to where she will reverse the goal and want to continue to talk to you on a first date.

The Guy Society: Random questions: Sleepwear: Pajamas or lingerie? Favorite food? Sneakers or sexy high heels?

Ashley Hobbs: Sleepwear: Depending on the weather here it’s anything and everything, or even nothing.

Favorite Food: Mango.

Sneakers or Sexy High Heels: Sneakers for sure though most of the time I run around this island barefoot.

The Guy Society: Okay Ashley it’s time to wrap things up here, can you tell our readers where they can follow you?

Ashley Hobbs: Everybody can follow me on Twitter and Instagram @MissAshleyHobbs. Thanks again for having me Jon.




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  • Alberto says:

    About her legs. yes, she have a beautiful legs. but, also her body it’s beautiful and even eyes are beautiful. everybody dreams with prefect guy. but, nobody know. nobody. It was a nice interview.

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