Interview: Madison Maler

Madison Maler

Nobody can deny that California is the home to some of the most beautiful women in the world. There’s just something about a Cali girl, the blonde hair, the sun kissed skin, the beach ready bodies, it’s the whole package. Madison Maler fits that bill to a tee plus she’s the all-American girl next door. Madison started modeling early, took a long hiatus but is now back to show the industry what she’s made of. Something is telling me this hottie will have no problems adjusting. The Guy Society caught up with the gorgeous Madison Maler to talk modeling, what she looks for in a guy, and her future goals.

The Guy Society: Hey Madison, welcome to The Guy Society. First things first, I have to tell you that you are one of the most incredibly beautiful women I’ve ever seen in my entire life. How’s everything going?

Madison Maler: Hi Jon, thanks for the love, things are great here!

The Guy Society: I know you’re a Cali girl, what’s it like growing up somewhere where it’s sunny every day of the year?

Madison Maler: Fabulous, I wouldn’t have it any other way, but I do love the snow sports, snowboarding is one of my favorite things to do, not that I’m good at it.

I typically spend more time on my butt than on the slopes but I have a little extra padding there so no problem!

The Guy Society: Now tell me, at what point did you get into modeling and how did it happen?

Madison Maler: I began modeling at around 15 when my aunt took me to a modeling scout casting call. I was snatched up pretty early in the game by a good agency but they didn’t have much follow through and at that age I didn’t know how to be proactive in my own cause and neither did my family so it kind of fizzled out and schooling became my priority.  I am just now getting back into it, on more of a “free agent” type basis.

The Guy Society: You’re extremely sexy but you have a real good girl, take you home to mom kind of vibe going. Is my guess totally off or is it pretty accurate?

Madison Maler: You’re pretty intuitive! Moms love me! The sexy thing is just a persona for photos or going out.  Most of the time, my hair’s up in a messy bun and I’m all about being comfortable.

The Guy Society: You’re in The Guy Society zone right now so we have to get into your dating life a little bit. What are the qualities you look for in a man? Describe your perfect guy.

Madison Maler: A good, sharp sense of humor is number one in my book, you can’t even pass go without that!

Clingy and insecure is a real turn-off. Intelligence is a real turn-on.

Very down-to-earth and a gentleman as well.  Not too fussy meaning no extreme neat-nics! Next, I like ‘em a bit on the taller side, he doesn’t have to be a giant, but I’m 5’9’’ so I would like a guy who can at least match my eye level when I’m in heels. Typically, I like dark hair and great eyes.

The Guy Society: How should a guy approach you if he’s interested in getting to know you?

Madison Maler: No cheesy pick-up lines unless it is very clever as I can appreciate clever and no beating around the bush or acting aloof. If you want to get to know me better, say so! Proposing a fun, interesting activity wouldn’t hurt either!

The Guy Society: What would you say men in today’s society are lacking?

Madison Maler: Guys are great; I don’t have any hang-ups or prophetic words for the opposite sex.

I actually get along with guys very well, just do you and I’ll do me, and be confident in yourself.

The Guy Society: Would you describe yourself as a high maintenance girl or more of a laid back, low maintenance type of lady?

Madison Maler: Low maintenance for sure, however, I do like to be taken out. Sitting back and watching a good movie is great sometimes but a couch potato I’m not.  Don’t get overly complacent with me or I’ll lose interest.

The Guy Society: If you could do anything in the world and money wasn’t an issue what would you do?

Madison Maler: Travel and find interesting adventures to go on.

The Guy Society: You drive an awesome black Dodge Challenger. Most girls drive something fancy and girly. What made you pick that beast?

Madison Maler: I absolutely love my car! She’s my baby! Fancy is great too as long as it is sexy, gotta have a sexy ride.

The Guy Society: What are three things you’re dying to do that you haven’t done yet?

Madison Maler: Skydiving, travel to Greece and hang with a cheetah!

The Guy Society: What are your ultimate goals for both your life and career?

Madison Maler: Still working on that. I’m only 21 so I can’t see deciding on what I want to do for the rest of my life when I’m still testing out theories. I have a few directions that I am investigating.  Still working on my degree in Hospitality Management but it’s such a diverse field I feel I could go in a lot of different directions from there.

I love to travel so I’m thinking that will be included in whichever direction I choose.

Regardless, I will continue my modeling and if that takes me into some other realm, that’s all good too!

The Guy Society: Random questions: Long road trips: Perfect opportunities for road sex or not? Favorite food? Dirty talk in the bedroom: Hell yes or absolutely not? TV show you’re obsessed with right now? Last book you read? Lingerie, pajamas, or nothing at all? Sneakers or sexy high heels?

Madison Maler: “Click it or Ticket” so never in the car.  Otherwise, yes.

In and Out Burger.

Hell yes.

Sons of Anarchy.

Against Medical Advice – James Patterson.

Tee and undies.

Love sexy high heels, but UGGs for those comfortable days.

The Guy Society: Okay Madison, time to wrap things up here, can you tell our readers where they can follow you?

Madison Maler: Absolutely! Please follow me on Instagram and SnapChat.

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Photo Credit: Carey Hess, Danko Vu

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