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Her tattoos and very mixed ethnicity give Lyssa Charmaine the kind of sexy, exotic looks that guys drool ever. Add to that the fact that her body is absolutely out of control and you have yourself one hell of a hottie. This Cali born but Las Vegas living cutie has been modeling for a while now and has run the gamut from beauty pageants to tattoo modeling, she’s literally done it all. The Guy Society caught up with this sexy siren to discuss how she got started in modeling, what she sleeps in and what she looks for in a guy.

The Guy Society: Hey Lyssa, welcome to The Guy Society, how’s everything going?

Lyssa Charmaine: Everything is great, thanks for having me!

The Guy Society: Okay so let’s start off with some background info. Tell us a little bit about yourself, where you grew up, what you were like back then, you know.

Lyssa Charmaine: I’m a Cali girl for life but currently located in Sin City, aka Las Vegas. I’ve spent most of my life in the desert, whether it was in CA or here in Vegas so I’m one who can definitely take the heat!

I’ve always been more of the shy, introvert, book worm.

I was never too popular and honestly wasn’t even looked at as the “hot girl” until my adult years. I’ve kind of had the Ugly Duckling story. (Laughs) I’m much more confident now however and love being in front of the camera! I’m still a little nerdy at times though. I even snort when I laugh and have a slight lisp.

The Guy Society: At what point did you get into modeling and how did it happen?

Lyssa Charmaine: I have been told for a while now that I should model and I even dipped my toes in the beauty pageant world back in high school; that didn’t go so well, too prissy for me. I held off for a while and then a few years back I had the opportunity to jump in front of a camera for some test shots and the rest has been history. I’ve taken breaks between having my children but since about a year ago, it’s been full-fledged modeling.

The Guy Society: You’re so gorgeous and very exotic looking, what’s your nationality?

Lyssa Charmaine: Gosh, this may take a sec! (Laughs) Okay, I’m Black, Filipino, Puerto Rican, Nicaraguan, and Native American

The Guy Society: Okay, we’re a website for guys so I have to ask some questions on behalf of the fellas. What qualities do you look for in a man? Describe your perfect guy.

Lyssa Charmaine: Just someone I can be myself around.

You also have to be someone I can laugh with and be able to handle my smart mouth.

I’m very sarcastic so you have to be able to deal as well as dish it out. I just think perfect would be someone who is like a best friend as well as a lover and overall great partner. I say that with the literal term.

The Guy Society: If a guy does get lucky enough to get a date with you, where should he take you? What’s your idea of a great first date?

Lyssa Charmaine: I get bored pretty easily so it’d have to be somewhere exciting and fun. Like let’s go paint balling or sky diving! I love competition or something that’s going to get my adrenaline going.

The Guy Society: Maybe you can give us some advice here. What’s the best way for a guy to approach a woman he’s interested in?

Lyssa Charmaine: Well I can’t speak for all women but at least for me, I’d have to say that you just need to be honest and up front.

The games and sweet talk are played out.

I’d rather know what you want from the beginning. For all you know, we could be on the same page.

The Guy Society: I’ve always been curious about this. Does having tattoos make it harder to get work as a model or does it just make you stand out?

Lyssa Charmaine: It honestly has closed some doors for me in the industry but it has also opened the doors to other great opportunities and experiences. There are styles of modeling I never thought of trying out until I got into “tattoo modeling”. I also love that I can stand out when I dabble around in areas where girls with lots of tattoos aren’t as common.

The Guy Society: What would you say has been the greatest moment of your career up to this point?

Lyssa Charmaine: I think just how well it’s taken off since I started.

It’s only been about a year yet I’ve been published in 10 magazines already with a few more coming up.

I’ve even had some awesome opportunities presented to me where I’ve got to work conventions and car shows and I’ve even got a line of skateboard decks coming out soon!

The Guy Society: I know this is kind of a tough question but how would you describe yourself as a person?

Lyssa Charmaine: That is a little tough but I guess I’d have to say I’m independent, sarcastic, blunt, and dorky. I’m also a huge tomboy, though I can play the “girly girl” role pretty well too.

The Guy Society: In your opinion, what are the things that make a man good in bed?

Lyssa Charmaine: I’m not totally sure how to answer this one. I guess they just can’t be selfish.

Like don’t make it all about yourself. That’s a big turn off.

The Guy Society: Random Questions: Sneakers or sexy high heels? Favorite food? Dirty talk in the bedroom: Hell yes or absolutely not? TV show you’re obsessed with right now? Pajamas, lingerie, or nothing at all? Last book your read? Kiss on the first date: Yes or no?

Lyssa Charmaine: Sneakers.

Chicken tacos.

Depends on the scenario.


Nothing at all, I can barely stand wearing clothes during the day! (Laughs)

Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer.

Depends on how well the date goes but I’m not against it.

The Guy Society: Okay Lyssa, time to wrap things up here, can you tell our readers where they can follow you?

Lyssa Charmaine: Yes, you guys can catch up with me at the following:


SnapChat: misslyssa616

Thanks so much for having me guys!


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