Interview: Kristie Mays

Kristie Mays

Kristie Mays is the quintessential girl next door if the girl next door happens to be tall, blonde, gorgeous and a former finalist on America’s Next Top Model. Besides being gorgeous, Kristie has a small town girl charm about her which can be attributed to the fact that, well, she grew up in a town with less than a thousand people in it. The Guy Society caught up with her to discuss her time on America’s Next Top Model, how a guy should approach a woman, and the greatest moments of her career.

The Guy Society: Hey Kristie, welcome to The Guy Society, how’s everything going?

Kristie Mays: Thank you for allowing me to opportunity to talk to The Guy Society.

The Guy Society: Okay so let’s start off with some background info. Tell us a little bit about yourself, where you grew up, what you were like back then, you know.

Kristie Mays: I never thought growing up in a town, Winnsboro, with 940 people in it that I would be so fortunate to be where I am in life. I grew up in a very strict home with 7 other siblings ahead of me. I always knew I wanted to be a model but my mother always told me no. She watched a few too many TV shows about the negative side of the industry. Being the youngest of 8 it was always hard to be taken seriously by my older siblings when I told them I would leave this small town and become someone. Looking back, I am so happy my mother told me no and I had to fight so hard to get to where I am today. I appreciate it so much more knowing I worked twice as hard as I thought I would.

The Guy Society: At what point did you get into modeling and how did it happen?

Kristie Mays: When I was 21 I finally got a break in modeling. I had long given up hope that I would ever become who I wanted to be after becoming a divorced single mother at the age of 19. I thought that I would never be able to do it all and be successful. My dad encouraged me to try out for America’s Next Top Model at 18, he drove me 5 hours to Houston to audition.

I was amazed that I made it to the top 10 out of the hundreds of girls that showed up that year. My dad was so encouraging and was the only reason I kept going after I gave up on that dream and had my daughter so young. She was my world to say the least and I actually worked at Walmart as a manager for 2 years. I did it to save the money for us to move to Dallas so I could once again pursue my dream and do what I always wanted. At 21 I signed with my first agency in Dallas, Texas and moved myself and my daughter into a huge city with no plan other than to give her a life I dreamed of as a child.

The Guy Society: You are flawlessly beautiful so I have to take this opportunity to get into your dating life a little bit. What qualities do you look for in a man? Describe your perfect guy.

Kristie Mays: Thank you so much for the compliment. I am flawed more than I like to acknowledge but it’s always nice to hear such a sweet compliment. Dating for me always starts with looks, based on my own experience. I have had more men simply try and “talk” to me just so I can be arm candy versus actually getting to know me. This is my biggest turn off with today’s society. I truly enjoy people who look deeper into someone and try and get to know them for who they are, not what they look like.

I would say my ideal man is someone who cares for me and my daughter as passionately as we care about him. Being such a giver, I have been taken advantage of many times in my dating life. I am all about what you give you should receive. I am a die-hard romantic and put all my effort into something once I set my mind to it. Overall I just want a man to treat my daughter and myself with respect and loves us for who we are not what society thinks we should be.

The Guy Society: If a guy does get lucky enough to get a date with you, where should he take you? What’s your idea of a great first date?

Kristie Mays: I am so not into the typical “dating”. I love going out and having a good time just as much as the next person, but I would much rather you take me somewhere active like rock climbing or indoor skydiving. To get to know me, a no name hole in the wall, cheap restaurant is the way to go. Money and names don’t impress me one bit!

The Guy Society: Maybe you can give us some advice here. What’s the best way for a guy to approach a woman he’s interested in?

Kristie Mays: I always say honesty is the best policy. If you are interested in getting to know someone always be true to yourself and honest with your intentions. Today things are always changing in dating. Most men aren’t looking to get serious until much later in their life and that is okay, just make sure the woman you are pursuing knows that. Nine times out of ten she is not just dating you to get to know you, she is dating you to see if you are a potential future husband.

The Guy Society: You have the most amazing smile, teeth, and eyes. Do you hear that a lot?

Kristie Mays: (Laughs) Thank you so much! I get complimented on my eyes the most. I mean statistically speaking I am part of 2% of the world that has green eyes. And my smile is natural. I have never had braces but my bottom teeth could really use them.

The Guy Society: What would you say has been the greatest moment of your career up to this point?

Kristie Mays: I would say going all the way across the world to Turkey has been the best part of my career. Not only the modeling experience there but the different culture and lifestyle was such an amazing experience. Seeing such a different world really taught me so much about myself as a mother and a woman in today’s world.

The Guy Society: I know this is kind of a tough question but how would you describe yourself as a person?

Kristie Mays: Ah, such a tough question to ask someone. I would say that I am very genuine with who I am, I tell it like it is and I don’t hide how I feel about anything. It is important to be very honest and up front with most aspects of my life. I am a kind-hearted person who gives everyone a chance without a second thought but I am very shy at the same time. Once you break down my barrier I am all in and love people unconditionally.

The Guy Society: There are so many models nowadays and with social media it’s so easy for them to get out there. What would you say makes you stand out in the crowd? Because you definitely do stand out.

Kristie Mays: Thank you. I was doing this before social media was a big deal. Admittedly, I had a Myspace, but in no way did that help me. I made my way by going out and doing things, not by posting selfies online for people to boost my confidence. I have been told “no” and “you are not good enough” more times than I care to admit but it has made me that much stronger in the long run.

By no means am I playing down social media because I love posting a good selfie and getting compliments, what girl doesn’t right? And many of today’s top social media personalities have actually become such great influences because of how they portray themselves for others to see. Cyber bullying has become such a sad thing and I support anyone who goes against bullies in general and lifts people up and if social media is the way to do that then by all means I am in!

The Guy Society: Random Questions: Sneakers or sexy high heels? Favorite food? Dirty talk in the bedroom: Hell yes or absolutely not? TV show you’re obsessed with right now? Pajamas, lingerie, or nothing at all? Last book your read? Kiss on the first date: Yes or no?

Kristie Mays: I wear high heels just about every day, but I love a good pair of comfy sneakers.

Favorite food is peanut butter I could eat it on just about anything, just about.

Bedroom talk is great as long as it’s just that, in the bedroom only!

I haven’t really been into any TV shows specifically but I love the ID channel all day long.

I wear an oversize tee shirt and granny panties to bed! Sad but true.

The last book I read was the Alchemist while I was in Turkey and it gave me such insight on why I was there and where I am going in life. I would suggest it for anyone that needs to be uplifted right now.

I think if you have chemistry on the first date then you should make sure that he isn’t a bad kisser while you’re at it.

The Guy Society: Okay Kristie, time to wrap things up here, anything you’d like to say to our readers?

Kristie Mays: Thank you so much for allowing me to let you into my personal world. I hope you can see who I am and a bit about where I came from.

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Photo Credit: Wade Livingston, Duke Morse, Jessy J, Elizabeth Wiseman, @meech213


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