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The modeling profession has changed. A woman no longer needs to be signed to an elite modeling agency or walk down runways during fashion week to have a name in the industry. All it takes to get started is a savvy eye for social media and some sexy pictures. However, just like in the traditional modeling world, the internet has Supermodels, women so beautiful and alluring they manage to captivate millions. The internet’s current Supermodel is the impossibly beautiful Katie May. This Los Angeles resident, by way of Pittsburgh, has accomplished in under a year what most independent models can only dream of and it’s not hard to see why. This former high-powered fashion publicist is drop dead gorgeous, unbelievably sweet, smart, and bubbly. There’s also the fact that she engages her millions of fans on a regular basis. Katie, who is sitting atop a burgeoning empire, has already been dubbed the Queen of Snapchat but the way things are going a new moniker may be in order, the Queen of the Internet. The Guy Society was lucky enough to get a one on one with the lovely Katie May to discuss her rapid success, the future of Snapchat, and her status as an international sex symbol.

The Guy Society: Hey Katie, welcome to The Guy Society, can you tell me where you’re originally from?

Katie May: I’m originally from Pittsburgh.

The Guy Society: Oh, very cool. What was it like growing up there?

Katie May: It’s a great place to grow up. Everybody who’s from there is very proud to be from there. They love their sports teams. My parents are both teachers so I come from a good, solid family. I just always knew I wanted to leave. Leaving Pittsburgh was always in the game plan.

The Guy Society: Did you just feel that it didn’t have enough to offer?

Katie May: Yeah, I mean Pittsburgh is a great city. I love it and I couldn’t have more great things to say about it. I just wanted more excitement. I wanted to be in entertainment also so that’s what brought me to L.A.

The Guy Society: So at what point did you get into modeling and how did it happen?

Katie May: I was actually on the other side of the camera for quite a while. I was a publicist. I worked in fashion and entertainment PR primarily for a big fashion house based in Italy. I was always hosting on the red carpet though and working with talent. About a year ago I decided to make the switch over to modeling and hosting and it just kind of took off like crazy. I started with 1000 followers about a year ago and by the time this article hits I should be at 1 million.

The Guy Society: Wow, I actually wanted to discuss this with you. So you only started a year ago?

Katie May: Yes, it’s true before this I went to college and had a day job. It was a high powered executive career and I just decided a year ago to make the switch.

The Guy Society: Yeah, well, you’re too cute to be hidden behind the scenes anyway.

Katie May: (Laughs) Well thank you. I mean, I’m a single mom. I have a daughter who is seven years old and it was really all about taking care of her and making sure she can go to private school. Now she’s a little bit older so I can do this and make more money than I ever did as an executive.

The Guy Society: Back to your Instagram, which I’m actually looking at right now, you started at 1000 and now you’re at nearly 900,000. That’s pretty incredible.

Katie May: Yeah, I’m going up about 6,000 plus per day. I’m going up 100,000 followers about every week and a half at this time.

The Guy Society: Obviously, you’re one of the most beautiful women in the world but what would you say makes you stand out so much? Why are people so interested in you?

Katie May: Aww, you are very kind, thank you. I’m not truly sure to be honest. My Snapchat is even bigger; I have millions of followers on there. On Instagram, followers just get one picture, but on Snapchat they can kind of see all sides of you. My fans on Snapchat are so loyal, they follow me everywhere. I think that’s helped a lot as well as powerful Instagram’s like Arsenic Magazine that discovered me and also word of mouth. Playboy just featured me two weeks ago and again yesterday they featured me and crowned me as “The Queen of Snapchat.” I guess word of mouth is just kind of spreading out about who I am and it’s working out for me.

The Guy Society: Do you charge people for your Snapchat?

Katie May: (Laughs) No, I’m not doing a cam girl type of thing. My snaps are sexy and I’ll push the envelope from time to time because I’m just kind of an exhibitionist at heart but it’s always done tastefully. There’s no full nudity. My Tumblr has nudity but I keep my Snapchat PG-13 for the most part if the occasional see-through bra is considered PG-13 (Laughs).

The Guy Society: I’ve seen people charge like ten bucks a pop for Snapchat.

Katie May: Yeah but they’re like masturbating or something which is not what I’m doing. (Laughs) You know, I love my fans and I want them to interact with me for free. I’m actually going to be the face of a new sports app called JetBet and I will be promoting it on my Shapchat. It’s the only thing I’ve loved enough to promote. It’s a social sports app where you can actually win money. I’ve said no to all the paid promotions to this point though. You’ll never see a skinny tea or protein powder on my page. I know that nobody wants to see that shit. I grew up in Pittsburgh which is a sports town so I can really get behind this app, it’s cool and I think my followers will think so too.

The Guy Society: You mentioned that you won’t get behind the teeth whitening systems and the protein powders. You don’t need to give me an exact number but do they offer you a lot of money?

Katie May: For Instagram I receive offers of upwards of five thousand dollars to post. I know a lot of Instagram influencers and a lot of us have bigger followings than Victoria’s secret models because a lot of us interact with our fans. People actually get to know us. I know a lot of girls who do sell the promotions and they make ten to twenty thousand a month just doing that.

The Guy Society: Man, being a hot chick has its perks.

Katie May: (Laughs) For me, I just see that as a short term goal. I could flood my page with tons of ads and that kind of stuff but it’s kind of short sighted. My goals are more long term so I have a different business plan in my head. I was a business woman for many years so I have a different perspective from a lot of models.

The Guy Society: That brings me to my next question. When you began modeling, did you enter into it with a business mind? Were your plans to treat this like any other business?

Katie May: Honestly Jon, I didn’t. I mean, when I started blowing up it was as surprising to me as it was to anybody else. I’m in my late twenties and I’m a single mom. I’ve always gotten a lot of attention but it was a shock to me the way that this grew. When I got to a hundred thousand followers my goal became to hit a million but I thought it would take a lot longer than it has. As the numbers started going up I started to view it as a business and I started to think of ways to make myself a global sex symbol.

The Guy Society: So at this point, you’ve had to kind of take on the role of a businesswoman?

Katie May: Yes and no, I haven’t really been monetizing at all. I just wanted to grow and get to know my fans and in turn my fans get to know me. Now, of course, it’s slowly becoming more of a business as the number of followers I have continues to grow.

The Guy Society: Ultimately, what would you say your goals are?

Katie May: I think the goals are to become a household name and make enough money so we don’t have to worry and my daughter is taken care of. Happiness in what I’m doing is also a goal and right now I’ve never been happier.

The Guy Society: Okay one more Instagram question. Given my knowledge of Instagram as well as some calculations I’m doing over here, I’m guess you get somewhere in the ballpark of 5,000 terrifyingly creepy messages a day. Am I right?

Katie May: You don’t even know. I’m the queen of Snapchat so I get about 20,000 dick pics on Snapchat a day. It doesn’t even faze me anymore. (Laughs) I think at this point I’ve seen every dick in the world.

The Guy Society: Do you actually interact with your followers?

Katie May: I do and I think that’s the difference between me and other models. I interact with my followers because I owe them everything. They blew me up so I take a few hours twice a week just to look at all the people who commented on my pictures and like something on their page to show my appreciation. I go on my Snapchat for a few hours a week as well and get through as many messages as I can. My fans are so good to me.

The Guy Society: You know what amazes me about this situation? If you went on Instagram right now and asked everybody for a dollar you’d probably get it. You’d end up with more than $900,000.

Katie May: No, you have to think about it like this. I have about 900,000 followers and I get 25,000 to 30,000 likes per post so it’s all relative to the engagement and mine is pretty high for the app. I’m not sure exactly the percentage of my engagement off hand, I’m not good at math. (Laughs) On Snapchat I have millions of followers and I average about 300,000 views per snap which is pretty massive. One of my photos was one of the highest commented photos that Playboy ever had. Snapchat is fucking powerful; in my opinion snapchat is much more powerful than Instagram. I think Instagram will always be around, kind of like Facebook but it’s going to be like the place where I tell everybody to go to my Snapchat.

The Guy Society: So Snapchat is the future?

Katie May: Snapchat is a network. It’s live, it’s real, people want real content, you know?

The Guy Society: Okay so I want to get into some more personal stuff now. I’m looking at your pictures and some of them; it’s just like getting smacked across the face with hotness. What does a woman of your caliber look for in a guy?

Katie May: It’s funny; I’m usually not attracted to classically good looking men. I have a girlfriend who dates a lot of soap opera stars, like really good looking guys and they’re fine but it’s not really what I go for. I like a guy who’s laid back and not up my ass twenty-four hours a day. Confidence is also good. I like a guy who’s successful enough to be able to take care of himself and his family. Those are the most important things to me. Oh and a sense of humor is a must too.

The Guy Society: Has guys being up your ass all day been an issue? It sounds like it has.

Katie May: Yeah, guys who are insecure because of the life I have. I’m very strong, independent, and self-sufficient. I think sometimes a guy can feel emasculated by that. I also love my fans and talk to my fans and I know that can make some guys irritated. I just need somebody who feels so good about themselves that it doesn’t matter. If I’m with you, you’re the only person I’m going to be with and he needs to know that. I’m a Pisces. I’m super loyal. It takes me a long time to commit because when I do I’m really committed. I’m not like dying for a relationship either. I have a daughter and everything so you know.

The Guy Society: Do you see yourself getting married and maybe having more kids?

Katie May: I guess so, but as far as more kids go I’d like to wait awhile because of my career.

The Guy Society: Alright, not to go too off topic here but I’m looking at a picture of your body and what the hell man?

Katie May: (Laughs) Which one?

The Guy Society: The one of you in a denim shirt.

Katie May: You know what’s funny, the less I work out the curvier I get. I used to have like a super hard body. Ever since I started modeling I work out less so my curves are from not working out. (Laughs)

The Guy Society: And we’ll end it there. The key to a flawless body is not working out. Thanks for your time Katie and everybody should make sure to follow Katie May on her Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Tumblr, the links are below.

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