Interview: Haley Sickels

Haley Sickels

Standing at 5’11”, Haley Sickels is a throwback to the days of the actual supermodel, before Instagram was even a thought in some dude’s tech savvy brain. She has a body that would stop traffic and a face so gorgeous it’s almost hard to believe it exists. Haley also happens to be a sweet, down to earth girl which, let’s be honest, is a rarity. She kept it candid with her answers which was a pleasure and well you guys know the rest. Read the article, enjoy the pictures and have a nice day.

The Guy Society: Hey Haley, we’re excited to have you here at The Guy Society today. How are you?

Haley Sickels: I am great Jon, a little tired, but super happy to take part in this interview.

The Guy Society: You’re 5’11” and absolutely gorgeous, somebody hit the genetics jackpot. As far as modeling goes, when and how did you get into it? Was it something you always wanted to do or did you kind of fall into it?

Haley Sickels: (Laughs) Thank you, it’s funny that you say that because if you saw my childhood pictures, let’s just say I grew into my looks! I always was a goofball and would do silly poses while taking family photos, but I grew up in a very religious home so anything that was considered “vanity” was out of the question. It was never a thought. I got into modeling because a modeling recruiting agency saw my senior high school pictures online and called me. I was a dork in high school so I thought, “Sure, what better way to show people I am not a nerd?” (Laughs)

The Guy Society: Speaking of being 5’11”, did you ever do the basketball or volleyball thing?

Haley Sickels: Basketball, for 7 years! I even had a scholarship until I blew my meniscus. I cannot play volleyball to save my life.

The Guy Society: Obviously, you can’t tell what a person is like through pictures but you seem like a really sweet, girl next door type. Any truth to my assessment?

Haley Sickels: I try to be! I live by the golden rule I’ll be your best friend until the end unless you cross me, what can I say? I’m fully Italian, everyone is “mia famiglia!” I would like to just add though that I am super silly. I dance in the grocery stores and am the first person to do something like a true goofball.

The Guy Society: Wow, you’re Italian like me, chalk up another point for you. Let’s move onto the portion of the interview where I pry into your dating life. What qualities do you look for in a man? Describe your perfect guy.

Haley Sickels: Someone who can make me laugh and is not cocky. The worst turnoff ever is when a guy knows he is attractive and cockiness seeps out of his pores. I can tell if I want to talk to a guy within the first 5 minutes of conversation. Be yourself and be humble, yeah you may be gorgeous but for goodness sake, I have eyes, I can see that. You don’t have to tell me how many girls you had sex with this month or what girls won’t stop blowing up your phone. That just makes me think you have herpes. (Laughs)

The Guy Society: Let’s stay on the topic of dating. Tell me the worst date you’ve ever been on in your life and also the best. We’ll keep a nice balance here.

Haley Sickels: My worst date ever, hands down, was actually just recently. A guy I have known since high school and always thought he was super attractive asked me out and of course I said yes. Side note, he asked me out after he saw me in a magazine. Anyway, when we got there, we sat down and got a drink each and he then proceeds to tell me, “So you will have to get this because I am not getting paid for another two weeks.” I paid but finished my drink and left. If you are going to ask a girl out, be a man and pay.

The Guy Society: Fill in the blank, “The guys in today’s society are lacking _________________________.”

Haley Sickels: Chivalry, when a man opens the door for me, I blush.

The Guy Society: Your body is beautiful, like just out of control dope. How do you maintain such a great figure? You must live in the gym.

Haley Sickels: (Laughs) If only you knew, I never go to the gym ever. I love pizza and ice cream. If they had a baby I would become its godmother. To be honest, this is a battle I constantly struggle with in the modeling world. I have boobs and an ass and in the fashion industry those don’t exist. I am considered a plus size model in this industry but I was born this way and I like my curves. Being a workaholic I think is what makes me toned. You are so sweet to say those things; I really appreciate that.

The Guy Society: Speaking of your body, what would you say is your best physical feature? For the record, I think all of your physical features are incredible.

Haley Sickels: My butt. (Laughs)

The Guy Society: You remind me of Cindy Crawford, do you get that a lot?

Haley Sickels: Yes, all the time, and also Emily Ratajkowski from Blurred Lines.

The Guy Society: What are three things you’re absolutely dying to do but haven’t gotten a chance to do yet?

Haley Sickels: I’d like to travel to Italy and Germany. I am one hundred percent Italian and speak fluent German. I am dying to go there!

The Guy Society: Time for our famous random questions: Sexy high heels in the bedroom: Yes, or no? Pizza or burgers? Pajamas, lingerie, or nothing at all? Dirty talk in the bedroom: hell yes or no thank you?

Haley Sickels: Well I am a klutz, I would love to wear heels in the bedroom but to be honest it would be my luck and I would stab someone. (Laughs)


I am more of a Hanes XL t-shirt kind of gal.

Dirty talk, heck yes! However, if you suck at it, it turns into that scene in Train Wreck where John Cena dirty talks to Amy Schumer.

The Guy Society: Okay Haley, time to wrap things up here, can you tell our readers where they can follow you?

Haley Sickels: Please do! See below! Thank you so much again Jon!


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