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Chelsie Farah

Chelsie Farah is tan, brunette, built like a goddess, with smooth, tan skin. In short, she’s a super lady. Despite this, she also happens to be very down to earth, sweet, and easy to talk to. This isn’t a combination you would necessarily expect from a Playboy Playmate but Chelsie breaks the mold. In addition to being gorgeous, sweet, and a Playboy Playmate she is also a personal trainer which, let’s be honest, is no surprise at all. Do you see that body? The Guy Society caught up with the sexy Chelsie to discuss working with Playboy, her love for pizza, and what she looks for in a guy.

The Guy Society: Hey Chelsie, welcome to The Guy Society. My first question is, could you be any more gorgeous? Let’s have dinner.

Chelsie Farah: (Laughs) Hey, the fact you took the gentleman route and asked me to dinner has already scored you a couple of points.

The Guy Society: Okay, so give us a little background on your modeling career, when and how did you get into it?

Chelsie Farah: I’ve been modeling since I was 19, so about 6 years now. I did take about a year or so off in that time to focus on other areas of my life but I always came right back to it. I’ve always been huge on self-love and self-expression. I got into this industry by chasing my dream of becoming an actress. It wasn’t until my first shoot getting my head shots taken that I realized how much acting can go hand in hand with modeling. It’s portraying an emotion through print rather than film. I love the vulnerability and empowerment it brings to my life.

The Guy Society: In addition to being a model you’re also a personal trainer which is fairly obvious looking at your stomach. Are you hard on your clients? What approach do you take with them?

Chelsie Farah: (Laughs) Why thank you! I like to bring a more spiritual, self-love and encouragement to my method of training. I more so will try my best to tap into the part of their minds that allows them to know just how capable they really are. I’ve found yelling and breaking them down just isn’t my style. My goal is to not only help them to attain physical strength but mental strength as well.

The Guy Society: Since you’re a trainer does that mean you only eat kale and gluten free pasta or is there room for pizza or a burger in there once in a while?

Chelsie Farah: Oh believe me; I probably have more pizza and beer nights than any trainer you will meet. I also love me a good burger once in a while too. As I like to tell my clients, “Do as I say not as I do.” You only live once, and what’s a life without pizza and beer?

The Guy Society: You’re a Playboy Playmate. How did that come about and what was that experience like?

Chelsie Farah: I submitted my photos to attend the Playboy Mansion’s annual Halloween party and was contacted by the casting team after asking if I’d like to come in for a test shoot. I definitely didn’t expect that response but fully believe opportunities are presented for a reason. So once it was presented I didn’t even hesitate to take it!

I was worried about the extreme vulnerability it would bring the second I had to take off my clothes. It was surprising to find I felt more in my element, sexier, and more powerful than I ever have before. Without clothing you have nothing to hide behind, you must embrace the beauty of your body no matter what shape or size you are, and own it. Being a Playmate has brought nothing but confidence and pride to my life and I absolutely love my Playboy family for giving me the opportunity.

The Guy Society: Describe to me your dream guy.

Chelsie Farah: All I can say is romantic, romantic, romantic. I’m such a hopeless romantic, I believe in old fashioned dates, flowers on your doorstep, sweet surprises, opening the door, just your typical gentleman. Romantic, loyal, funny, thoughtful, and of course good looks aren’t a terrible thing but definitely towards the bottom of my list. Family is everything to me so someone that enjoys spending time with mine and that gets along with theirs and enjoys spending time with them as well. I’m an old soul when it comes to love and I won’t settle for anything less.

The Guy Society: With that said, now let’s go to your perfect first date. What would that consist of?

Chelsie Farah: I think a nice dinner is always a good idea for a first date. Be a gentleman and pick me up, let’s order a bottle or two of wine and just talk and get to know each other. Afterwards, take me straight home and don’t ask me to come over. If you take me seriously, you’ll treat me like a lady and with respect. I think the second date should be more of a fun one, that way you can laugh together and really see each other’s personality.

The Guy Society: Out of all the beautiful features you have, and there are a lot, all actually, I think your smile is your absolute best feature. It’s amazing. What would you say your best physical feature is?

Chelsie Farah: Thank you for that. And I would have to agree. Nothing beats the warmness a smile can bring. I always try to have a smile on everywhere I go. Now, if I had to pick an alternative I’d say my legs simply because I’ve had to learn to love them. I’m a trainer so I’m strong and toned. I used to want really skinny legs until I learned to embrace and love every part of me. Now I see them more as a weapon than a burden. (Laughs)

The Guy Society: How can a guy approach you in the street and actually have a shot at getting your number?

Chelsie Farah: Walking up to me and asking for my number would be a bit difficult, but I’d of course say a compliment is a great conversation starter. And when I say compliment I mean more along the lines of “wow, I’ve been struck by your beauty and just had to introduce myself” rather than “hey nice ass”.

The Guy Society: A day at the gym or a day at the beach and why?

Chelsie Farah: How about waking up a little earlier to hit the gym before the beach? (Laughs) I’m kidding, I’d pick the beach. Sand workouts are killer and having the water to jump in and cool off is the best. It doesn’t hurt to get some sun while you’re at it.

The Guy Society: Name your three favorite movies ever and tell me why they’re your favorite.

Chelsie Farah: Bridesmaids is my all-time favorite. I’m obsessed with the cast of it and laugh throughout the entire movie. I love laughing. I’m definitely more of a comedy girl. My second favorite would be Gone Girl. I’ve also seen this movie a handful of times, I like movies that make you think, have plot twists, and suspense, not scary movies but suspenseful ones. And my third favorite is Last Vegas. Again, I love the cast and laughed so hard at Morgan Freeman’s scene in the club that I cried.

The Guy Society: Random questions: When you go to bed you wear? Sneakers or sexy high heels? Lights on or lights off?

Chelsie Farah: It all depends. I can either sleep naked, in a big T-shirt, or in sweats. It depends on the weather as well as if someone’s next to me. I prefer sneakers, high heels hurt! However, for a night out on the town, an event or a nice date I’ll suck it up and put on the heels. As my mother has taught me, “It’s the price you pay for beauty.” I’d have to say lights dim, or candlelight. Enough to see and appreciate each other’s bodies, but still dark enough to keep it romantic

The Guy Society: Okay Chelsie, time to wrap things up here. Can you tell our readers where they can follow you?

Chelsie Farah: Thanks a lot for having me Jon! You guys can follow me on:




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