Happy In Your Relationship? 7 Ways to Know

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Alright Fellas, you’re reading this article for a reason and that means you must be curious if you’re really happy in your relationship or not. This question comes to a lot of people when they start assessing their relationship and the direction it’s going and this is completely normal and natural.

But if you’re someone who has to pause and really think about it, then maybe you should reevaluate your current situation because it could be headed downhill. I’m not saying it’s doomed by any means, because couples go through hard times here and there and that’s perfectly fine. But these “hard times” should never alter your core happiness.

Are you assessing whether or not you’re really happy in a relationship? Take a look at these 5 signs that could potentially be very important when determining that you are in fact, not happy.

#1 You Give Yourself Pep Talks

The very first thing guys start doing when their relationship is on the brink is repeatedly tell themselves that it’ll “get better” and give themselves pep talks on getting through their current headache of a situation. While it’s completely normal for you guys to do this every now and then, if it’s on a regular weekly basis, you’re probably not happy.

Telling yourself every day or even a couple of times a week that it will get better is a surefire sign that you’re not happy. If you were truly happy, you would tell yourself that life is already great. What could possibly get better? So fellas, if this is you then maybe it’s time to rethink your significant other.

#2 You Look for Way to be Apart

If you’re really happy with your lover gal, don’t you want to be with her more often than not? I mean, I get that you need “guy time” and time to just hang out with your buddies, but if you’re really happy, then you shouldn’t you also want to spend as much time with your significant other as you can? Shouldn’t you be looking forward to going home and seeing her?

If not, then something is definitely not right. Frequently spending an abundance of time at a friend’s, or the bar, or just somewhere you can find an excuse to not go back and see them, that’s a sign that you’re not happy. Even if you don’t see it yourself or you’re not purposely avoiding her, if you have found that you tend to drag out visits with your friends to prevent going home, then you’re not happy.

#3 Other People See It

Are all of your friends giving you a hard time and telling you that you’re not the same or that you’re always grumpy? It’s probably because you are due to other circumstances. Now don’t get me wrong, everyone can have a bad day and just be a little more irritable. But if your friends are talking to you about it or asking what’s up, then it’s past the point of being “average”.

People who are truly happy will give that off. Since you’ve been unhappy in your relationship, it can wear on you over time and be brought out in other emotions like anger and irritability. And if your friends are even noticing it, it’s not just a mood you’re in. It’s your whole state of mind.

#4 She Notices It

Has she been constantly nagging and badgering you about your attitude lately? Is she actually asking you if you’re happy with her? Your girl will pick up on the changes in your body language, tone of voice, and attitude very quickly and if she sees that you’re not the same, she’s going to say something.

And as much as I know you men like to avoid it, you should listen to her. She’s not crazy, or seeing things. She probably just can see what you’ve been blind to all along; you’re not happy! And if she can notice it, then it’s a problem that you need to think about fixing really quickly.

#5 You Don’t Feel Like Yourself Around Her

This is a big one. If you’re feeling like you’re not the same person as when you first started dating her, or that you just don’t feel like yourself anymore because of her, then you’re unhappy in your relationship. You should be able to be 100% yourself with the person you’re currently sharing your life with. No if ands or buts about it.

If you’ve given up old hobbies or stopped watching all your favorite show because of her, you’ll never be happy. Those are the things that made you who you are and ultimately, nobody can be happy if that is being taken away from them.

#6 You Think About How it Would Be Without Her

Have you actually started thinking about how your life might be better if you two broke up? Have you started imagining yourself with a life of your own, or worse yet, a life with another woman? Then you’re probably unhappy in your relationship with her!

I know what you’re going to say! “But all guys picture themselves with other women!” Yeah, that may be true in a physical sense. But you don’t actually picture a life with someone else. You don’t picture dating and marrying other women. If you do, then something is wrong in your current relationship and you might secretly want out.

#7 You Feel Unhappy

Ding Ding Ding! Yes I know this can seem sort of obvious, but I can’t believe the amount of men who are unhappy and just blame it on other things. Is your job going well? Are you well fed and your friends still come around? Then the only thing that’s different is your woman and relationship. If you notice that you are unhappy then that’s a sure sign your relationship is the problem.


Determining whether you’re truly happy in your relationship or not can be pretty difficult at times. With everything going on in your life it can be easy to blame it on other things. But with the 7 signs above, you’ll be able to tell for sure.

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