Girlfriend Refusing Sex? Get Her in the Mood


It may not be uncommon for your girlfriend to not want to have sex. It’s a known fact that men have much higher sex drives than the average female. There may also be different circumstances that cause your girlfriend to refuse sex.

She might be in an emotionally unstable place (aka: a bad mood), she could be withholding sex from you for a specific reason, or she might just be getting bored of the same old thing and just doesn’t want to have a go at it again.

She also just might be waiting for you to step up and put some effort into getting laid! I mean, damn. “Hey baby, let’s get it on,” is not going to work forever, dude. While this may be the way you two have done it for a while, it’s not going to get her in the mood when she’s refusing you.

No matter what the reason is, there are always different things you can do to put her in the mood. Some of these may be slightly outlandish, but in my experience and the experiences of many of my girl friends, they definitely work.

#1 Give Her a Little Dance

That’s right. Turn on some fun music, throw on a sexy cowboy hat, and give her a dance she can’t refuse. If you’re good at dancing it’ll be a huge turn on to see you grinding. And even if you’re bad, it’ll put her in a light and goofy mood watching you brutally butcher a sexy strip tease. Both of these will work in your favor when it comes to getting her in the mood for sex.

#2 Give Her a Massage

And make it a damn good one. Light some candles, get some oil, set some soothing music, and give her an amazing massage. Putting in the effort to make sure she feels good and relaxed – especially if you know she’s been stressed – will go a long way to put her in the mood. Plus, she’ll feel like she owes you a little something special in return for a mind blowing massage.

#3 Do Something Romantic

Romance is a quick way to get a girl in the mood. We connect sex and emotions a lot deeper than men, so pulling at her heart strings will be sure to put her in the right mood. If it seems like she hasn’t been in the mood a lot lately, take her on a special date and simply pamper her. Let her know that you really care about her and you’ll be surprised how much that will get her in the right mood.

#4 Talk to Her

There may be a reason she’s refusing sex with you – especially if this has been an ongoing issue. The truth is that women can avoid sex for a lot of different reasons that might surprise you. She could be particularly stressed at work, feeling self-conscious because she recently put on some weight, or she might even be dealing with something more serious emotionally. Ask her what the problem is and communicate with her. It might not be the most fun thing to do when you’re in the mood to get laid, but it’s vital for your sex life and relationship as a whole.

#5 Watch a Sexy Movie

If you know of a movie that has a lot of sex scenes in it, put that in the DVD player asap. She might just think you want to cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie. But if there’s a lot of visually sexy things, she’ll probably be the one reaching down your pants midway through the movie.

#6 Whisper All of the Things You Want to do to Her

If you’re cuddling with your woman on the couch or can approach her from behind while she’s cooking dinner, whisper all of the things you want to do to her in her ear. Sexily voicing your desires will get her picturing exactly what she’ll be getting if she gives in and does what you want.

#7 Talk about the First Time You Guys had Sex

For some reason, this always works. I think it’s because she’s taken back to a place where she was so excited to jump your bones that those emotions come creeping back in. Tell her all the things you loved about that first time and watch her melt in your arms – and in your bed.

#8 Go take a Hot Shower and Return in Just a Towel

The notion that women aren’t as visually turned on by their significant other as guys are is completely false. If you douse yourself in hot water and emerge from a steaming bathroom just glistening, there’s not a lot that will keep her from continuing to refuse sex. Bonus points if you walk past her smelling like a Greek god.

#9 Take Care of her “To Do” List

One of the main reasons women might be holding back from getting in between the sheets with you is if they have a lot of stuff to do. When she can’t think of anything but what she needs to clean next, she won’t have room to think about getting naked with you. So ask her if she needs some help and get that stuff done with her early so she’ll have the time and energy to meet your needs.

#10 Accept Defeat – for Now

You’re not always going to win. Sometimes there’s literally nothing you can do that will make her change her mind. Accept your defeat for today and try again tomorrow. One way this does work is by showing her that you’re persistent. Sometimes, persistence is really sexy.

No matter why your girlfriend is refusing to have sex with you, there are so many things you can do to fight her refusal. Here are the best 10 ways to get her riled up and ready to go.

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