Get Your Girl To Be More Adventurous In Bed


Sex is great, but it can also get boring if you’re doing the same old moves and things in the bedroom. In order to spice things up a bit, you’ll have to try new positions, increase the amount of foreplay you usually have and start to be more adventurous in bed. Although you might be all for new sexual escapades with your partner, your girl might not be so forthcoming with heating it up in between the sheets. To her, things are just fine and there’s no need to change anything.

But if you say or do the wrong things, you might put her off of sex for a while and even upset her to the point where you’ll be in the doghouse for months. An unwanted surprise might just do the opposite to her libido! So to be extra careful and still entice her to try new things in bed, here are some tips that’ll help convince your girl to be more adventurous sexually:

Show Off Your Romantic Side: To really get her in the mood sexually, bust out all of your romantic moves. Really go all out to seduce her so that she knows you really care for her and don’t just want to get busy. Once she feels this romantic connection with you in bed, she’ll be more inclined to be more adventurous in bed with you.

Flatter and Praise Her: Flattery gets you everywhere with women so make sure that you do this daily, both outside and inside of the bedroom. Text her how much you think about her and her body and be utterly genuine with your praise. Tell her how sexy you think she is and then after a few days of flattery, bring up the idea of trying new sex moves or foreplay and she’ll be more willing to give them a try!

Make Yourself Desirable: She might already think you’re hot, but go above and beyond to really make yourself desirable. Let her see you at your best instead of your usual gym shorts and old tee. Dress nicely, wear her favorite cologne and do all you can do to impress her (and this also includes keeping your man areas nice and trimmed).

Drop Hints: The best way to get her thinking about being sexually adventurous is by dropping hints about it. Leave out reading material on things you’d like to try out or bring it up in conversation by detailing statistics of some sort to make her feel more comfortable in doing it since other women are practicing it too. This way she might even be the one to bring it up in bed later, when it was really you pushing it.

Baby Steps: The best way to ease your partner into being more open and adventurous in bed is with baby steps. Ease small things into your sexual routine and gauge how she responds. If she’s not entirely on board, take a step back and try again at another time. For instance, if you’d like to have rougher sex, start out by lightly biting her lip and see how she reacts. Or pin down one of her wrists for a moment or talk about tying each other up to the bed. Once she’s okay with that, she’ll be more willing to go further next time. And just remember to give her positive reinforcement each time, praising her and telling her how much you enjoyed it. But respect her boundaries if she’s still hesitant and try other things to see if they’ll help her become more interested in whatever sexual thing you’re hoping to get her to do.

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