7 Signs Your Girlfriend is a Keeper

Trudging through the muck and mire of today’s dating pool is no easy task. Between the hook-up culture, the dating apps, and the overall lack of interest in serious relationships, it’s not exactly a breeding ground for finding Ms. Right. Call me old fashioned but if you swept right to find your current date I highly doubt it’s going to end up being anything significant. And at some point in most guys’ live they get tired of the constant dating and want to find a nice girl to settle down with. For all the aforementioned reasons, it can be tough to spot a girl worth taking home to mom so I’ve compiled a list of signs that will tell you if she’s a keeper.

She Wants to Spend a Lot of Time with You: Let’s put our cards on the table here. When someone describes someone they’re dating as clingy it really just means they’re not that into them or they’re totally unbearable which isn’t usually the case. Why wouldn’t you want to spend a lot of time with somebody that you find incredibly amazing? If you wake up to good morning texts and invitations to lunch on your break, those are good things. If she shows up at your house unexpectedly it means she wanted to see you, which is awesome. If she comes bearing food, marry her the next day.

She Couldn’t Possibly Care Less About Material Things: If you’ve taken her on three dates to fine dining establishments and date number four is happening at Applebee’s because you’re in the mood for jalapeno poppers and she doesn’t bat an eye then she’s awesome. That means she goes out with you to be with you not because you’re taking her to fancy places. Life is just a whole lot easier when somebody is with you for love and love alone and not because you can provide them with a certain type of lifestyle.

She Handles Other Guys Hitting on Her Like a Champ: Guys are going to hit on the girl you’re dating, it’s inevitable. There’s no need to expect your girl to flip out on him. That’s utterly ridiculous. If she politely apologizes and lets him know she’s on a date or that she has a boyfriend immediately then you’ve got yourself a winner. She’s shutting him down in no uncertain terms without making you have a scrap on your hands every time it happens.

She Has Cool Friends: Rarely do truly good people hang out with shitty people so if your girl’s friends are awesome they’re confirming that your girl is too. If they’re protective of her that’s also a good sign. Who has the time or energy to protect somebody who’s a total douche? If it does turn serious, it also means that hanging out with her friends won’t be like an appointment for a root canal which is always a plus.

She Buys Good Gifts: When I say good gifts, I’m not talking about a Rolex or first class tickets to Maui. I’m talking about a gift she knows you would love. If you’re a baseball nut, then tickets to a game would be a good gift. If you’re restoring a car and she buys you a part you’ve been looking for, that’s a good gift. If you love cigars and she gets you a subscription to Aficionado that’s a great gift. Do you see the pattern here? It’s truly the thought that counts and if a girl cares about you enough to put some thought into a gift she’s a keeper.

She Gets Along with Your Family: Eventually the time is going to come when you have to bring the girl you’re dating to a family function. It’s an awkward situation. You don’t want to be on top of her the whole time but you don’t want to just throw her to the sharks either. If you’re at the buffet and you find that your girl is laughing and sipping a Cosmo with your sister and a few of your aunts, consider yourself a lucky man. Family is important and if your girl making getting into yours an easy transition then she’s most definitely a keeper.

She Makes You a Better Man: If all other aspects of your life have been improving since you got with your girl, it’s likely not a coincidence. A good woman has a way of making her man want better not only for her but for himself. Whether it’s because he wants to take care of her or because he’s picturing a family and a future with her it happens. Women also have a way of straightening out the ridiculous guy-ish stuff we do without us even noticing. Whatever it is, if she’s making you a better person then she’s a keeper.

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