5 Positions Guaranteed to Keep Your Girl Satisfied


For those of you who have a bit of trouble when it comes to keeping your gal satisfied in bed, this one’s for you! And all you fellas that think you already know everything about keeping your girl satisfied in bed, this one is ESPECIALLY for you – because you probably are somewhat actually clueless.

Ladies aren’t that complicated, alright? General anatomy can point you in the right direction most of the time but somehow you all – yes I said all – have troubles when it comes to pleasing your girl in bed. You try all these different positions and outlandish things in order to please her but somehow she may not be feeling it.

Now, I’m not saying you all are horrible in bed, because you’re probably just fine and hey, if you’re getting some action then you must be doing something right! I’m just saying that there’s always room for improvement and I’m here to help you out in that department a little bit.

As a whole, girls generally have certain positions that are key to getting us off in the bedroom – basically due to our similar anatomy. Aka: the G spot, in case you were wondering. For those of you who are unfamiliar with a G spot or just choose to ignore it, you can probably skip this article because clearly you won’t even be needing these tips until you get that figured out.

Like I said, many of the positions that will keep your girl satisfied in bed are G-spot stimulators. Meaning they hit that spot repeatedly. However, that’s not the only thing to think about when it comes to pleasing your woman. Here are the top 5 positions that are guaranteed to keep your girls satisfied.

#1 Doggy Style

I can practically see all of your mouths turning up into a devilish grin at the sight of this first one. Yes, I know it’s also a favorite of many men out there. But it’s especially great for your woman! In this position women actually have control over the angle at which you enter. So even though it may seem all the same to you, she can tilt her pelvis whichever way is necessary for you to succeed in hammering on her G-spot.

#2 Reverse Cowgirl

Alright! Another crowd pleaser, am I right? Not only do all you men love this position, but women love it too! This is another one that women ultimately have control not only over the range of her pelvis, but also the pace at which you enter. This means that they can tailor the act as needed in order to get the most pleasure out of it.

Another variation of this would be to have her lean back on her hands so she’s nearly horizontal above you. This will then turn the power over to you and you can control the pace. It also creates an angle that leads directly to the money spot.

#3 Spooning

Don’t roll your eyes! Here’s an anatomy lesson for ya’ll really quick: the G-spot is located on the front wall of the inside of your gal’s pleasure zone. So by entering at that angle, you’re immediately coming in contact with this magical little button that brings on all the pleasure. It’s really the easiest way any of you can keep your girl satisfied because you don’t even have to do the searching!

It’s also perfect because she’ll also get that much-wanted skin on skin contact. Not only that, but you’ll be able to get your hands full of all sorts of her goodies! Plus, it’ll be much easier for you to stimulate her clitoris, too – something that should NEVER be forgotten.

#4 Ankles Up

Take missionary and put it on steroids by grabbing her ankles and lifting them up in the air. By doing this, you’re tilting up her pelvis so you’re automatically running right into her G-spot. This will do wonders in making sure she’s well-satiated by the time you’re done.

Bonus for her: she gets a full view of you going to pound town, too, which is just as pleasurable. Bonus for you: you get a full view of her tits bouncing around. Just don’t forget to pay attention to her clit, either. I mean come on! It’s literally right in front of you.

#5 Missionary

Yeah, yeah. I know! Even the name sounds boring. But if you’re really looking to satisfy your woman in the bedroom, then it’s a must. We’re not only pleasured by the actual sexual act as a whole, you know. We like the closeness, the skin on skin contact, and the way you can hit the G spot just right in this position.

In order for this to be truly mind-blowing, throw a pillow under her butt. This will lift her pelvis in a way that makes her G-spot a straight shot for you! Easy enough, right?

Guaranteeing that your girl is satisfied is not the hardest thing in the world. Pay attention to her body language and that alone will most certainly lead you in the right direction. If you’re not well-versed when it comes to reading her body, then the above 5 sex positions are sure to get her there!

Bonus tip: don’t skip foreplay. Ever. Seriously.

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