10 Things She Likes in Bed That You’d Never Expect


Some of you guys out there may think you know exactly what a woman likes in bed. *Insert ridiculously dramatic eye roll at all of you incredibly naïve men*. The truth is that you only know what you see in those videos or what you’ve experienced in your sheltered sex lives.

I’ve got some bad news for you fellas. Porn is not accurate in any sense of the word. It’s pretty much all made up for your pleasure. The visuals, what women do, what they like. Really, all of it is just a ruse to get your blood pumping and uh…other things pumping.

So what does a woman really want in bed? Let me tell you, there are things that your woman wants in bed that you’d never expect. The fact is that many women are just too shy to bring up that they want something different from you.

Not only may she be shy, but she might try to protect your precious ego, too. If she says she wants you to do something differently, she fears that you’ll take it as a personal attack then BOOM, mood killed because you can’t handle the truth.

So if I’ve piqued your pervy curiosity by now, stay tuned for a list of things she likes in bed that you’d never expect.

#1 Aggression.

Yes. Girls want you to be aggressive in bed. Grab her, throw her on the bed, and take charge! We’re not little delicate flowers like society may have you believing. What we really want in bed, that you may not expect, is for you to be rough with us. I’m not sure what it is about aggression that most women find sexy and I’m not sure why it seem so taboo for us to be really attracted to that. But one thing’s for sure, women definitely want you to be assertive and show some aggression while the two of you are getting down and dirty.

#2 A Change of Scenery

You know what? Yeah! We would love for you to whisk us away, put the car in park down some old dirt road, and have your way with us. Who says we only want to have sex on the bed or couch? What women really want but are too quiet or shy to tell you is a change of scenery. The truth is that we get bored with having sex in the same place, too. The only difference between the two genders is that women have a tendency to keep that desire hidden.

 #3 Being Unapologetic.

It’s ridiculously sexy when a man doesn’t apologize for anything he does in bed. It means he’s confident, sure of himself, and knows exactly what he’s doing. So when you fumble the wrong way don’t blurt out an awkward, “uh – sorry!” Play it off and come back with something that’ll make her completely forget about any sort of mistake you just made.

At the same time as that, don’t apologize for what you find hot in bed, either. Tell her you find it sexy when she does something that most people would find weird – and even say you’re not even sorry about it!

#4 Dirty Talk

Even the shyest of girls want you to tell them they look so hot when they’re soaking wet. Even if she doesn’t reciprocate the dirty talk, she definitely wants to hear some of it. This not only makes her feel like the sexiest person on earth, but it assures her that you’re really into her – something she may be feeling insecure about.

#5 Calling Her Your Dirty Slut

Most women would probably slap you if you called them this outside of the bedroom. But behind those four walls when she’s on her knees in front of you, that’s all she really wants to hear. There’s something about the taboo nature of being a slut that excites women. It gets her off knowing that she gets to be as whore-ish as she wants with you and that you acknowledge that. Just be aware that you should specifically refer to her as YOUR dirty little slut. Making it possessive removes the offensive nature of the word.

#6 More Romance

You guys are probably rolling your eyes at this one. Yeah, yeah, I know it’s not necessarily that unexpected, but I feel the need to mention it because I think it is the most forgotten of all the things women really like in bed. It’s not that we want you to write us poems and spread rose petals all over the bed (even though that would be very thoughtful), we just want you to put more emotion into what you’re doing with us.

#7 The Unexpected

We’re bored. We know what sex is and what happens during it and it can be a really fun time most of the time, but it does get boring – especially if we’ve been sleeping with you and only you for a while. We want you to surprise us with something amazing. Whether it’s a new position, a new toy, or just taking us somewhere new to get it on, something unexpected is definitely something women like in bed.

#8 All of Your Attention on Her Every Once in a While

I’m not saying that you’re all selfish and are only in it for your end game. Because let’s be real here, you’re obviously reading this because you want to please your woman. What I mean by giving her all your attention every once in a while is for you to literally tell her, “I’ll do whatever you want me to.” Not only will she be surprised (hello, unexpected!) but she’ll be ridiculously turned on simply because you want to focus your energy on pleasing her.

#9 Ask What She Wants

Not what you’d expect, right? How many times have you thought to sit back and ask what your girl likes in bed. It’s really not that hard but for some reasons guys seem to think they already know. I bet if you asked your woman what she wants, she would be more than happy to tell you all of the stuff she’s got brewing up in that reserved head of hers.

#10 Role Playing

I think the large majority of people think that the man is always the one that wants to role play. However, I know plenty of ladies that wish their man would just bring it up so they could jump at the opportunity to throw on a sexy nurse outfit and play up their secret fantasies. Some women may be embarrassed to admit they want to be the big bad teacher and punish her naughty student. So take the initiative and mention it to her.

Now don’t take all of this and assume that you’re some expert on women. These unexpected things she really likes in bed will only get you so far – but they will help you out a TON in the long run.

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