10 Signs Your Girlfriend Wants to Leave You


It’s never a fun time when you’ve realized that perhaps your girl is thinking about calling it quits. If you’ve found your way to this article, then you must have some sort of feeling that something is wrong in your relationship.

I think girls are a lot different than guys when it comes to deciding to leave. Personally, it takes a great deal of thinking, pros/cons, debating, talking to friends, and finally analyzing my feelings for a person before I decide I want to leave.

Now it might sound complicated from a guy’s perspective – hell, it’s even complicated from a girl’s point of view – but it’s just how girls operate. We’re over-thinkers, naturally.

Because we have a tendency to overthink and analyze everything, it means that’s there’s usually a gap of time between when we start thinking about leaving our boyfriends and when we actually make the decision and talk to them about it.

This means that there are probably a lot of signs leading up to your girlfriend’s departure. Luckily for you, I’ve decided to divulge some of these signs so you’re not caught completely off guard the next time a girlfriend of yours decides to call it quits.

#1 Reduction in Sex

This is one of the first signs that there’s trouble in paradise. If she isn’t into having sex with you as much or when you do have sex, it feels very distant, she might be thinking about leaving you. When a girl isn’t as emotionally involved anymore, sex pretty much goes out the window.

#2 She Spends More Time with Friends

Not only in an attempt to be away from you more because she’s not as into you anymore, but also so she can talk to them about the big issue she has at hand. When she starts seeing her friends a LOT more than she ever used to, be worried.

#3 She Spends More Time at “Work”

If you know your girlfriend is the type of person to stay late at work on a regular basis, then this may not be a sign. However, if she’s the kind of girl that rushes home because she can’t stand sitting in that stuffy office for a second past 5 o’clock, but suddenly she has all these “projects” to work on, she might be heading to a local bar or finding anything else to do other than come home to you.

#4 She’s More Irritable than Usual

This doesn’t mean that she picks fights more because generally the fights stop when she wants to leave you. By “irritable” I mean she just gets really annoyed at everything you do. It seems as though even chewing too loud sets her off. This is a clear sign that she’s at her end with the relationship.

#5 She Doesn’t Yell at You For the Stuff She Usually Does

This is what I’m talking about when I say that the fighting stops in a way. If she normally yells at you for certain things (uh-hum, the toilet seat) and she just stopped doing that randomly and never even brings it up, it’s because she doesn’t care. In her mind, she might not have to deal with it any more. If she stops fighting altogether, it’s basically over already.

#6 She Starts Dressing Differently

If you notice that her wardrobe looks a hell of a lot like it did when you first started dating her, aka: hot as hell, then she may be plotting to dump your ass. It’s sad to say, but it’s true. She’s starting to forget about looking good for you and probably has her eye on someone else or she’s just trying to make herself feel better. Either way, it’s a sign that she’s looking to leave.

#7 Excessive Drinking on Unusual Days

It’s an unfortunate fact of life; however, many people take to drinking as a way to get rid of their feelings. If she isn’t the type to drink on a Tuesday when she has to work the next day, yet you come home to her absolutely bombed, she may be dealing with issues you know nothing about. Meaning she may be contemplating the demise of your relationship.

#8 She’s Very Quiet

I know this one pertains to me in particular, but it’s also a telltale sign for many women. If your girl gets really quiet all of a sudden and doesn’t seem to want to talk to you at all, it’s because she’s got heavy things weighing on her mind and those things are more than likely the future of your relationship.

#9 She Stops Talking about Her Day and Asking about Yours

Usually, your girlfriend would ask about work, your day, what you had for lunch, etc. If she’s stopped doing this for a while now, it could be a sign that she’s thinking about ending things. We ask about your day because we actually care. When we want to break up with you we just stop caring about those little things. So we don’t even ask about them and we don’t feel like telling you about our day, either.

#10 You Already Feel Like Things Have Ended

More often than not, human instinct is correct. If you feel like things have gotten to a point where you don’t even recognize the relationship you’re currently in and you have this gut feeling that things are coming to a screeching halt, then you just might be right.


Girls are ridiculously complex creatures, so don’t take all of these signs as definite clues that she’s thinking about packing her bags. Although they are very accurate, your girlfriend might also just be going through a weird time.

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