BODY SHAMING: Stop The Madness

body shaming

“Body shaming.”

The term itself gives you a broad idea of what it could be about.  However, it’s defined as a negative verbal or mental outlook towards a person who is overweight. The concept of body shaming was initiated by media personalities who started digging deep into the life of celebrities. In order to make big money and break TRP records they started publishing and capturing every extra pound a celeb gained.

The 24/7 ‘body-perfect’ race soon led to quest of the perfect body.

The immaculate body trend threw all the overweight people out of the league and generated a bitter sense of discrimination.

In the beginning women were the sole targets of body shaming attackers. The growing rate of actors with six pack abs on the silver screen turned body shaming unisexual. Men with flabby tummies, bigger thighs etc started being criticized publicly.  This scrutiny of male celebrities began with the ever growing media and social media cycle. In addition to the criticism among  family and friends overweight men also faced the humiliating challenge of dealing with their memes being used every now and then on social media.

This overall process made them a laughing stock among judgmental strangers. Stats shows a large number of overweight males falling into various states of depression and battling serious mental illnesses because of the online attacks. Innocent victims pay the price of keyboard tough guys who judge others. Though there are a lot of anti-body shaming moments going on all around, even on Facebook and Twitter, the attackers are still not mending their ways. Body shaming continues to make its rounds on the net.

Not only are overweight males the target of internet cruelty.

The shaming hits at the confidence of skinny men. They are emasculated as not strong enough. The internet is flooded with the memes shaming men with leaner bodies. The negative focus is not only on their perceived lack of strength but their sexuality is often also questioned on social media.

Good health and healthy eating habits are always a plus-plus but should be an individual choice rather than subject to public criticism in the name of conformity. It’s good to encourage your friends and families to be healthy but pressure and criticism goes the wrong way. Instead of boosting up their confidence you can inadvertently push them harder towards lower self-esteem.

Men with leaner bodies should not be underestimated based on appearance. While being obese and unhealthy is never a great choice, we must recognize that some people have health issues that prevent them from achieving their maximum body potential.  If they are happy with themselves, we should recognize that that in itself is a massive achievement.  We should celebrate people for their differences and recognize that it is variety which is truly the spice of life.


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